Nicotine level for shake and vapes

Ill give it a shot, but I dnt think there was a problem with rdas when I was sub ohming. Im more trying to MTL these days. Ill try it and post back thanks

I’m not gonna go back and reread this whole thread BUT, if I remember correctly, didn’t you say your juices didn’t use to do this to you? Something has got to be different. Nic, Nic level, equipment, something. I still say it’s the nic but you also like fruits it appears. You’ll find fruits can be harsher than creams. Creams will always be smoother than fruit so perhaps you need to swing a different direction when blending. Try a strawberry milk, light on the strawberry and lower that nic to 3mg. See what happens…

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@ringling I think is hitting on something especially since I just started thinking about. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Rassberry vapes can be a bit harsh for one. The other trick I hope you have in the tool box is fresh cream FA. Try adding 0.5%. It does really add “milk” but I think it will really help.

Yes it is true…it would be better to give it acouple days to steep. But if you are insistent on snv. Warm water bath at 120 for 20 mins. A good shake. Wait until the liquid cools and settles for a bit. But you really gotta be careful with the heat and higher nic levels.

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Oh my goodness, didn’t even think about the title to this thread, SHAKE AND VAPE. There is part of his problem as well. That cotton candy would tone down some of the harshness but not if you do not give it time to do so. Problem is it will also start muting the flavor if steeped too long…

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ok didnt know raspberry would be normally harsh…and yes it just had overnight steep pnly. I bought the nicotine 4-5 months ago from MFS. at 3 mg i get no problem DTL too aswell as MTL. I dont have FA fresh cream only capella sweet cream. Looks like no better option than to let my juices steep Ill have to get back to you guys once this has steeped for a week.

I heard Pbusardo saying that the KF5 can be a bit harsh for MTL, I think i know where this is going- getting the KF3 to try i gues. dammit

also how much percentage do u recommend the sweet cream?

If it’s the only cream you have (which I don’t have) half of the average mixing percentage. The goal is not to add the flavor but create the dance floor. But I’m afraid sweet cream is going to add “cream” flavor.

As for the kfv5, sure I’m only mixing 1.5mg nic in my mixes. I don’t find harshness. I do find that since I’m vaping mixes designed for my rda’s and rdta’s that I could probably cut some of the flavoring back.

That being said on my rda’s since I’m a flavor chaser my airflow on everything is cut way down. Sometimes when it’s cut way down I do get a cough. It’s my warning sign that I need to open the airflow just a bit. On my kfv5 the airflow is all the way open and actually wish I had just alittle more airflow.

Hmmm, sounds as though you just solved your problem in this sentence. You need to quit trying to use high nic levels. Though fruits can be harsher than creams it almost always the nicotine that makes a blends harsh to a extreme. Adding some fruits to it makes it worst. Again, I say go to 3mg nic. Unfortunately I do not use Capella flavors and I’ll be guessing here but…

Sweet Cream (CAP) 6%
Strawberry Ripe (TPA) 2%
Strawberry Sweet (CAP) 2% or Strawberry (FW) 2%

I would start here and adjust to taste. I usually use Flavor West flavors so my percentages are usually higher than this. I usually mix SB Ripe and Strawberry fw at 3.5% each and then TPA Vanilla Custard at 13%. WARNING: Creams and Custards need to steep for best flavor…

Hi. My friend ask make a juice for him.But he vaping on low wattage with 18mg nic. I read somewhere that on hight nic level need more flavor in recipe. Is it true? Than how much i need change % on for example Mothers milk recipe?

I wouldn’t change the flavor percents for nicotine level, but maybe with a low wattage (especially with an older tank style like a protank or clearomizer) you might go up a little. I wouldn’t increase any more than 1 or maybe 2% at first.


Lol. @jojo strikes again. Spot on.

Yes and yes. You may need to do some testing of flavor percents when going from let’s say an rda with dual claptons vs a mtl tank.

Let’s say you have a recpie with five ingredients. It may be good on the other mtl tank just not great. You gotta go back and ask what makes this recpie great. You may only need to up one flavor by just 1% to get there while leaving everything else the same. Or up one by 1% and another 3% to get a satisfactory vape.

This is also why many of us say vendor juices are over flavored. Yup, that’s because many are designed to taste great (subjective I know) on a nautilus mini with a 1.2ohm coil. Put that same juice on an rda and your like “this is sickly sweet” or “the blueberry is too high”.


Thanks. I try to make simple Mustard Milk recipe. But i see i cant make 18mg strenght 30/70 ratio with my 72 mg pg base. i need to go down to 12mg.