Nicotine level for shake and vapes

Now I have been complaining in some threads on this forum that when I vape shake and vape recipes @ 12 mg or 6mg, I get very harsh vapes. So I only could vape 3mg SnV recipes. Today I found a juice I made 2 - 3 months ago at 12 mg, which I almost threw away because it was very harsh even after 1 week of steep, but now it’s completely different. It has the best throat hit that I used to get with stinkies. Feels so good to get that nicotine buzz after so long. Now I would like to know if different level of nicotine juice requires different steep times?

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I like 3mg because I can overindulge. I also have some 6mg on hand when I need to get my nicotine buzz, so it makes sense to have more than one concentration if you desire. Steeping is a mysterious and wonderful thing. I imagine chemists are designing flavors so they have shelf life instead of instant results that fade, so steeping makes maximum sense. Have some 3mg SnVs and some options you enjoy less often which can make it the 4+ weeks they take to get golden


I like all my juices better after they have steeped a month or two, I just don’t ever seem to make enough for that to happen. I would have to make gallon jugs of a few of them.

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I think the question is more along the lines of does it take higher nic level juices longer to steep? And my answer to that? I haven’t a clue. I wouldn’t think that it wouldn’t make a difference what the nic level was as far as the flavors are concerned, but time may cause higher nic concentrations to mellow out more. Maybe concentration loss or maybe just overall mellowing. Sounds like a good experiment to try! Make a couple different strengths of the same recipe and test them for a month or so.


I vote for the overall mellowing. The harshness of the nic just does not go away, however we all know that with unsteeped liquid the flavors can be quite harsh and is gonna add to the harshness of the nic. Especially some fruits. So perhaps once your flavors are well steeped and mellowed, your nic becomes more tolerable…


That’s what I realised, but in some cases such as 6mg of strawberry ripe solo vape after a month steep is still very harsh for me, dnt know if that is normal. I dnt wana sound nagging but I am very curious if this happens to everyone. Note that I have moved back to MTL away from subohming

I mix two strengths; 3mg for me and 9mg for my husband. He vapes fruit flavors exclusively, so whenever I make a fruit mix for myself I make one at 9mg for him at the same time. I’ll test them along the way, and as soon as my 3mg is ready I let him know that his version is ready too. He’s never complained about his mixes being harsh, so in our experience the nic content doesn’t seem to make a difference with steep times.


Sometimes you have to tone down the amount of flavor you are using, sometimes you have to ditch the flavor if it’s just not for you…

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I am essentially a programmer now (media) I vape my head off while I’m working on video and images.

If I go any higher than 3-4 mg…

Oh yeah we did the “Holy %$#^#@ I’m having a stroke” dance at 6 mg.

Bottom line… you can vape a lot more steam at lower nic levels.

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I accidently did a small experiment of the sorts. when I relapsed on cigarettes i had a few liquids that at the time i felt were unvapable due to the harshness of a particular nicotine i had used. i had used 36mg 50/50 concentrate (i wont name the co.) to make several different flavor batches at 3mg 80/20 vg/pg. this was very harsh, spicy nicotine. six months later when i decide to give it another try, the same liquid was quite tasty. i still had some of the concentrate left that i never mixed in a recipe/flavor base. so i mixed it to 3mg 90/10 vg/pg without a flavor, just to try the nicotine, then steeped one week. no, i didn’t fill my tank with unflavored nicotine but i would add a little to a tank almost full with another flavor. the nicotine concentrate was still a little spicy not harsh.

i do believe the nicotine level depleted over time as well as when i steep my current liquids in with heat. but for me steeping is imperative! i can not vape any type of harsh liquid, so mush so, that i use a small amount of saline wash in everyone of my liquids. it helps with dryness, harshness, and overall mouth feel. i could swear it makes my mouth water on exhale!

there is so much to learn. ive been relying on my own liquids for almost a year and i still feel so lost!?!

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Lost??? Grrr. That’s not fun. Just ask…plenty to give directions. The only challenge people run into is not wanting to ask a question that may be embarrassing…but once you own it we can help you fix it.

I asked lots of dumb question October last year…many that I had the answers to but couldn’t connect the dots. Many people helped me and I’m sure there any many ready to help.


For the steep steps, it doesn’t affiliate too much for the nic density, but the flavors. It could let the e-liquid have a big physic change to get a more perfect taste.
For the reason of better throat hit, I guess that your nicotine e-liquid was oxidized, it doesn’t mean the e-liquid was broken, I mean the air might come into the bottle, the nic density becomes lower and lower, the storage way is so important.

Well, it sounds you get the best feeling of the e-liquid, happy vaping!

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I like to go per device:

RDA - 70/30 - MAX VG 0-6mg(MAX) Nic (6 can be pushing it)
RTA - 60/40 - MAX VG 0-6mg(MAX) Nic
Ego pen type cig-a-like - 40/60 - 60/40 0-18mg(MAX) Nic

The amount of vapor is equal to the amount of harshness in most cases so it makes sense to lower the nicotine levels in devices that “Chuck Clouds”.

Note: There are many factors that decide harshness when vaping - nic level, flavors, vg/pg mix, device used etc

Note: Steeping can mellow all ingredients including nic level and flavor

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Hmm this makes sense, I am using a tank which lets more air in, might be that is the reason it’s more harsh than usual?

I also switched to getting my Nic in VG. Once you are measuring by weight it no longer matters if it can be sucked up a syringe. Enjoying some Bust-A-Nut right now, a big fav ELR-Worldwide but it’s 20% flavoring …adding Nic in PG would lock you in to a higher PG/VG ratio over your flavors-in-PG %. Even getting your flavors in VG-base is a hot topic here

Also I just cracked open a new TF RDTA and left the factory Kanthal Claptons because they looked shiny and new (until I dry burned). I just can’t vape on Kanthal as to me it wrecks the flavor …description could be “harsh”. Even most new attys with replaceable (not rebuildable) come with Nickel or Stainless or ceramic coil options …maybe try another coil material?

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I’m using a kf5 authentic one, I’m using kanthal too. Let’s say I change it to ss which I really like having come from wismec notch coils. But anyone had any experience with it giving.a harsh experience since it allows a bit more air that kf4

I dunno and I can only give my subjective experience. Not sure why I can’t vape on Kanthal as a million other people are using it exclusively. You’ve got enough help above to keep you busy for awhile, but changing my coils always delivers a different flavor with the same bottle of juice

Hey all, I’ve made some test batch SnV juices. 8mg Max vg … 4℅ strawberry ripe tfa and 6℅ rasp cotton Candy Cap…got my kf5 at lowest air setting 1.1 coil at 14.5watts. still its not smooth I find that burning sensation as I inhale the vape and exhale too. What am I doing wrong . :frowning:

Even at 10w I get the same sensation…also note its 70/30 juice

Have you tried vaping it on an rda? Do you get the same burning flavor?