Nicotine levels when mixing various bases

Hey guys, maybe you can help me out? Someone in the beginners DIY group brought up this question and stated he was worrying about nicotine levels.

“Need some advice i am about to do some DYI and a friend has given me a 24mg nic VG base i know how much of this i need to make it 12mg nic but after adding flavours will my 70:30 PG/VG premix be ok to finish with?”

If I am understanding you correctly. If you are weighing your mixes. Enter in your values including
flavor and percentages.

Look at the total weight of the the Nicotine, PG, & VG
So as this for an example. For 30ml at 12mg Nicotine. Add the weight of the VG and PG in the example I have

8.79g+7.57=16.36. Add that weight of premix VG/PG at the end. As long as you values are set correctly, and your 70/30 VG/PG premix is mixed correctly, the total weight of VG PG is what you would add. There may be an easier way, but this is how I have done it with premixed VG/PG


I shared the link with him, thanks so much!

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