Nicotine lifeline re 19th May

If this has already been noted or you guys are already aware I apologise in advance.

I have been panick buying nicotine with the new legislation getting ever closer. Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with Darrant Chemicals (UK). They have told me the restriction on selling nicotine only relates to retail outlets and not wholesale. As such they have told me I can still purchase from them regardless that I am just a sole buyer (Joe public) and not a registered company.
This was music to my ears and I thought I’d chuck this out there for other members with the same concerns. Presuming I have been given the correct information…HAPPY DAYS :smiley:

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67 reviews and 53 of them are 1 star.


Really looks like a scam of sorts. I will not buy anything from them after seeing the reviews on them.
Good find @DrChud


Considering the amount of people trying to find away around the TPD and nobody has found one yet. I would say it’s 100% a scam.


I would even ask @daath to have a look and possible remove the link before anyone loses their money


I can confirm this is bullshit. I have spoken to an industry source, namely Jen from Darkstar & you need confirmation from HMRA, after joining the EU Link & at least one ECID number for the liquid your selling with Nic more than 0. Plus you have to pay sixty quid per year per product. A product is different even if the same flavour where the PG/VG ratios are different, Nic strengths are different, plus 150 quid to have the HMRA to test the product, which they can reject, however if the do accept it and you get your ECID number, you can then and only then buy wholesale Nic. Although a newly id’d product must not be available for sale for 6 Months.

So if you wanna jump through all those hoops and spend all that money to become a wholesaler fair play to ya…

Buyer beware, grab what you can from only…

Just a few days left to get 7.2% Nic.


Personally, I don’t think people in the UK have a lot to worry about. The UK has always been fairly friendly towards vapers and from 2019 onwards, they’re not bound by any EU TPD anymore. So stock up for a year or 3, maybe 4 at most and I’m sure legislation will loosen up a little bit, if not faster.

I’m not so sure that the company is a scam though. Mismanaged, sure. But has anyone read through the comments or just watched the ratings?
A lot of people who give a 1-star is because of poor delivery times and poor communication. Not because the product is bad or people got scammed out of their money. I order stuff from China that takes a month to be delivered and I don’t complain. It’s unusual for a UK company but hey, better that than nothing right?

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The TPD has already been transposed into uk law from EU law. It’s called the TRPR and they actually closed the loophole on 2ml tanks when they did it. So I wouldn’t get any hopes up on that front just yet.
As for the reviews on that site, I don’t think they really matter now because the post was about being able to buy nic direct from that company after May 20th, which we all know you can’t do.


That’s pretty optimistic and quite frankly I haven’t seen any legislation/regulations that would get me feeling optimistic about any of this shit. People need to plan based on the facts of the matter and not on unfounded wishful thinking.


I don’t usually ‘do’ politics with people I do not know, but given the current predicted outcome of the election, this ideology appears a tad naive.

Your optimism is refreshing…I however, will not be risking it based on optimism :grin:


I also tend to ignore politics because it’s the same shit everyday with the odd curveball thrown in to smack you upside the head, but on this one I’m with the majority. Stock up while you can.

It’s better to be sitting on reserves than waiting for the next stack of 10ml bottles of the worlds most expensive natt piss to turn up…


Well, it does appear I have been misinformed but I certainly don’t think there is evidence of any kind of a scam? Perhaps the staff member I spoke to has also been misinformed or maybe they just ‘presumed’ rather than knowing facts. Either way, hardly a scam, particularly as payment should be protected by using PayPal on their site.

I can only comment on my personal experience of Darrant Chemicals which has been first class (this issue excepted). I have no complaints regarding the quality of vaping products I’ve purchased from them nor pricing or dispatch time. That being said I am only one little fish in a very big pond.

I do want to point out my intention was to be helpful and not to stir up a hornets nest. I bow to others greater knowledge both in this topic and in the recipe department. THANK YOU :pensive: :+1:




I just want to say that nobody was having a go at you for your post. I’m speaking for myself here obviously, but I’m pretty confident that everyone else is coming from the same place. This is a tight knit group and we all try to look out for each other, hence all the comments to the contrary of what you were told.
I spend a lot of time on advocacy every day and I know the legislation backwards at this stage, so someone in that industry should at the very least know the laws that apply to their business. They either, at best haven’t a clue what they’re talking about or, at worst are trying to scam people.


Nice 1 @DrChud, thanks for that, much appreciated.
I didn’t take the comments personally though I must admit I am regreting posting what I was told by the supplier, I do feel a little silly!
Truth be told any knowledge I’ve gained regarding anything vaping diy has been courtesy of ELR and the generous members who share their hard work and recipes.
So once again thanks to all :clap::relaxed:


I was looking for a way to respond and this pretty much sums it up.

@GPG Don’t regret posting, you may have just saved someone else from ordering from them after the 20th.


@Tupoar Great stuff.
You’ve somehow managed to put a positive spin on my post.