Nicotine Manufacturers on-site pickup

Well if the nicotine can’t come to us, I guess we go to them.

From Nude Nicotine- CA West Coast
“Please email us at [] for local pick up options going forward.”

And NicVape in SC East Coast
Onsite pickup is fine and to phone or email ahead and they will have your order ready. They are also able to send to a few shops in SC that I guess they have agreements with also.



Wombatred stated in another thread.
“As I said in the main thread, I live near OKC, where Vapes is located. If anyone orders from there for pickup, pays for shipping, and a little for gas, I’m happy to ship their “rose essence” or “fishing scent” for”


I think it was @robin who said about heartland vape to begin with. I didn’t know about it until then…


That’s extremely generous of you. And I extend the same offer and will post long before I make the trip. I want to make sure anyone who needs “infused essential oils” can get it.


This is good news for a friend of mine who part time lives in SC. I just gave her the news. Thx :1st_place_medal: @Buzzfriendly


Dang, there was a similar thread, place in NC, lot closer from DC… What was it!? Very cool

NicVape in South Carolina and Carolina Xtracts in North Carolina. NicVape said in person is fine, with valid ID, and to call ahead and they will have it ready for you or they would send it out to a few different stores in SC they have agreements with. Carolina Xtracts responded simply with “Yeah, that’s fine”