Nicotine MG's

I want to use 3 mg nic in my juice for my RDA. I notice that there are different types of nic (PG and VG and also different MG’s per ML). What would be the best nic (mg’s/ml) for me to accomplish this. My mod is 160w TC set to wattage mode. I use 24 guage Kanthal with a 6/5 closed wrap at .24 ohms with mod set at 70W.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

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The setup you’re using isn’t as important as what vg/pg ratio you want in your final product. If you want really high vg (90%+) then use vg nic. If 80% or less vg is fine with you I’d recommend pg nic. Pg nic is a lot easier to shake up really well, vg is obviously a lot thicker and you can end up with hot spots of nicotine more easily. As far as strength goes, a lot of people use 100mg, but it’s more dangerous if you have a spill. I personally use 48 mg as a small safety precaution. And I actually like 50/50 vg/pg nic, its easier to shake than all vg, but it allows a higher vg % in your finished juice than if you’re using pg nic.


I use 100 mg PG based nic it’s a matter of personal preference I find VG based nic hard to properly shake it and risk hot spots I store my nic in glass 30 ml amber bottles and keep it in the refrigerator very hard to shake it I use Liquid Barn nic


G’day @Steve87… as you will discover around here (if you havent already) its a case of different courses for different horses… I dont think theres a wrong answer- it just comes down to the ratios that work best for you. personally I use 3mg nic, 50%vg / 50%pg at 100mg/ml. I do 50/50 to keep the pg in my mix a teeny bit lower, but the nic is still easy to work with. Those that are sensitive to pg will go 100% vg but its a bitch to work with especially if its cold, & yes, those hotspots! those that arent at all intolerant to pg will go the opposite but I havent heard of too many using 100% pg (ok you can all chime in now!). With regards to mg/ml I go 100mg/ml because the math is easy (just remember its super dangerous - great care must be taken. There are numerous threads on nic use, storage & safety around here - if in doubt, look em up)
Happy mixin!


your mod, TC coils have nothing to do with the 3mg nic…

3mg nic doesn’t matter really if it’s on VG or PG… personally i vape heavy VG juices and i get my nic in VG… i mix juices on 70/30 up to 90/10 Vg/Pg ratio so having my nic in VG helps me to keep these ratios since Flavors in 99% come out in PG… there just a very few brands making flavors in VG so i guess you understand that all depends on the juices you want to make…

let’s say you have a nic base of 20mg and want to make 100ml of unflavored juice… no matter if it’s VG or PG for making a 3mg 100ml of juice you will need 15ml of nic base to achieve the 3mg nic

3/20x100 = 15

if your nic base is PG and you just add all the rest in VG then you have a ratio of 85/15 VG/PG
flavors are counted as PG so in this if you add 15% flavoring you will have a ratio of 70/30 VG/PG…
etc etc etc

hope this helped you