Nicotine Mouth Spray

Anyone have any recipes for making Nicotine mouth spray.
I have 72mg Nicotine but not sure on how to make it do 1mg per spray.
Or what to put in it??

Any help greatfully recived


Well, I’ve never gotten around to making one myself: I infuse mints for when I have to fly etc

The average diffuser spray is around 0.085ml. Hopefully that helps you with the maths.


Many thanks, did the spray and measure on one bottle and yea got around that, just not sure on how much to pop in mix to make 1mg per spray, using 72mg Nic.
Doing the vape is very easy, but dont want to

Will need more thought on my side lol


Well that’s maths and well outside my hellish comfort zone.


Decided to try this out, may need more nicotine, but its not for me so will have to see lol

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id probably start with wow many sprays per ml you can do

10 sprays per ml

i’m thinking vape juice is nicotine mg per ml - i may be wrong but going with that

id say 10mg would be juice strength for this example. but this is just a guess .

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