Nicotine pG vs VG

What is the difference between PG base nicotine vs VG based nicotine? I created some flavors with a target of 3 nic. the calculator said use .45ml and my nicotine is PG based. the hit is very harsh. would it be less harsh if I used VG based nicotine?

Yes, it would be a little less harsh. PG gives more throat hit, VG more vapor. It pays to also use good nicotine. I recommend Heartland Vapes Nicotine.

Lot of nicotines are peppery and harsh for instance Wizard Labs Nicotine. Heartland Vapes nic is much smoother…

right now I am using rts vapes juice and nic

Sorry but know nothing of their products. Perhaps someone else might chime in…

another question is why use water and what does it change about the flavors

Tell us the rest of the numbers. If your target nic was 3mg and it too .45 ml to get there, I’m gonna guess that you made a 15ml batch with 100mg nic. Is that correct?

If so, then you could do a mix anywhere from 100/0 to 3/97 PG/VG depending on how much PG and/or VG you add. And those would be night and day different in terms of harshness, right?

Distilled Water (not tap water) can be used as a PG replacement in small amounts. You can use as much as 5% however being PG is a better flavor carrier it might be best to use around 2%. As I said it does replace PG giving your blend less of a throat hits and it seems to smooth the mix…


correct. I made a 80vg/20pg mix 15ml bottle of honeydew and 8 other single flavors. my nicotine is PG based 100mg and my flavors are also PG based.

From my experience, since I was buying my juice at 80/20 or 90/10 and that was what I liked, that’s what I went by.

But, I don’t know why my juices are so harsh, as where I would normally vape at 70 or 80 watts, I am having to turn my MOD down to 40watts because it is so harsh

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Whip up a tiny batch of something that’s been harsh for you, but use plain PG instead of PG nic. If it isn’t harsh, then you know your nic is the problem.

Kind of the opposite of this guy’s troubleshooting method, but I like to cut to the chase!

so no VG just PG

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Substitute PG for PG nic in your last recipe. Keep the VG and flavors the same.

So if your old recipe was

Nicotine base (PG)	0.45ml
Flavor flav (PG)	2.25ml
VG			11.96 ml
PG			0.34 ml

Your new recipe is

Flavor flav (PG)	2.25ml
VG			11.96 ml
PG			0.79 ml

So it’s exactly the same recipe, only 0 mg nic. If that isn’t harsh, then you know you’ve got “bad” nic. Right?

That link I put in the last post has some suggestions for how to deal with harsh nic base, but you might also consider contacting RTS to make sure they didn’t have a bad batch. Maybe let them know you aren’t happy with their product. Ringling recommended Heartland if you wanna just skip all that and go with a different vendor. I’ve heard no complaints about them, although I had a hard time finding their small size nic bottle last time I was on their site (it’s listed under the DIY tab but not the Nicotine tab for some reason).

it’s not harsh at all