Nicotine questions "HELP"

hello everyone !
i have been trying to diy my own juice but i have some problems with mixing nicotine
before replying please read first.
i can mix Eliquids at 0 nicotine, and they are not harsh at all

so i decided to buy some nicotine and i bought pure nicotine from hiliq (i know it is dangerous to mix and it might kill me and to call ambulance bla bla bla… i have read a lot about this and i can take care of myself) please dont buy or use pure nicotine its not a game I’m an engineer and i have the tools and the place to mix and dilute in safe room
back to subject
so i mixed 13.5 ml of PG with 1.5ml of pure nicotine and now i have 15ml of 100mg/ml nicotine base

i made a patch of 30ml eliquid with 3mg/ml its been 5 days already and i wanted to try my juice, and it is really suffocating, harsh and spicy.
FYI: my nicotine is not yellow or brown it’s as clear as water

i have never used diluted nicotine for mixing so these are my questions:

  1. is there a special way to mix pure nicotine with PG/VG?
  2. how many days you should steep nicotine base after mixing pure with PG?
  3. is it normal for E-liquid to be this harsh even after 5 days ?
  4. can nicotine go bad without changing color ?

i have read and searched a lot but no place had my answers
please answer if you know the real answer DONT GUESS

Edit: update after mixing a second bottle
So i made another Ejuice bottle to see what is going on and i think i figured it out, my nicotine is not harsh or spicy anymore, i think i just didnt wait enough for the nicotine base to mix, i should have waited more days before mixing it with Ejuice and now it is perfect.
I’m only editing this because it might help someone someday

sorry for my bad English :stuck_out_tongue:
and thank you for help :rose:

I can’t answer most of your questions, but nicotine color has nothing to do with potency or harshness. Could just be the brand you bought? Maybe too much air exposure? Are you heating the nicotine/pg to mix it?

I’ve had juice harsh from the moment I finished shaking, even a month later… No matter how I tried to save it, it doesn’t work. Try not using 100mg/ml… Try mixing lower?

Another thought… Have you tried mixing it the same exact way but with VG instead of PG?

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If you are actually using pure 100% nicotine I don’t imagine you will find anyone in this community that has any experience with that. You have kinda put yourself on an island and I would hope if you have the ability and [quote=“Ali13, post:1, topic:121977”]
the tools and the place to mix and dilute in safe room

you would know how to mix or cut it down properly to a safe level. If you had bought 100mg/ml nicotine from a known supplier you would have gotten many suggestions as to the cause of the harshness of your e-liquid. Good luck to you and please be safe.

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I shake and steep by time, no heat
Nicotine would change color if exposed to air so mine is not

IMO the most likely culprit is insufficient shaking/mixing, i.e. more nicotine went into the bottle than anticipated.

how is that possible ? didnt go there by it self because im pretty sure i used the perfect amounts

What @Naseschwarz is saying is when you mixed it down to 100mg you may have had hot spots in your mix (correct me If I am wrong).

You then transfered it to your flavour mix and more nic was in your flavour mix than anticipated.

Mixing pure nic is very dangerous and while i am sure you are as you have stated taking precautions for spillage etc you must make totally sure that it is mixed fully. Mixing in a bottle is not ideal if you are dealing with pure nic & you really should titrate your nic mix to make absolutely sure that it is fully mixed and at the strength you believe it to be.

Thanks for jumping in @woftam ! When you’re working with these concentrations I’d recommend you get a nicotine concentration test set and test your 100mg/ml solution to be absolutely sure. Then we could rule out that variable.

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i have waited for 5 days shaking every 2 hours before using the nicotine base
and another 5 days for the E liquid

i guess my only choice is to make more patches to see if it will have the same issue

thank you for replying :rose:

thank you for the help :smiley: i think i will try to make more patches and i will try to get the test kit

in my country its very hard to get you hand on nicotine and E juice, thats why i got a pure nicotine where i wont have to deal with the same problems again, and i was very disappointed when i didnt get the results that i thought i would get

thank you :rose:

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The lab supplies are readily availiable the procedure is detailed on the link above but running a titration test on both mixes will tell you if there is some inaccuracy with the nic in your mix.