Nicotine River discount no longer works... other Nicotine choices?

Unfortunately, the coupon code no longer works for Nicotine River… so I’m in the need for some Nicotine and VG, any good discounts or deals out there with our Vendors?

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Which code did you use? @Nicotine_River stated he is going to change it every once in awhile in an effort to keep it to just the forum. The current one should be DIY.


Will try it again, I tried ELR, ELRECIPES & DIY. I’ll try again though.

Well, looks like DIY worked… but the shipping… are they serious?

Where are the regular USPS options? Not cool.


This is the second time I have seen someone post about there shipping rates in the past few days. My most recent order was on July 1 2016, I thought mine was kind of high in comparison to other places but I could be wrong. What you just posted seems super high.

@Nicotine_River is there something wrong with shipping options on your site.


Shipping ain’t flat rate. Those prices wouldn’t shock me if you were getting several gallons of product. How big (literally) is your order?

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That is high unless heavy
Looks like an eBay deal where they get u on shipping cost instead of price

That’s for a 500ml bottle of nicotine to the beautiful state of Michigan.

The shipping is more than the product? No thanks… time to find another vendor.


That’s like 1.5 lbs at most. Those shipping prices seem too high for that weight.

@Nicotine_River any idea if this is an e-commerce programming glitch or something?


Looking into this now - definitely high and you know me I will get this fixed!


Please do, I’m literally out of VG and VG Nicotine, you guys did a great job last time - I’d like to keep using you guys, and I need to get an order in ASAP.

Please put your order together and let me know what the shipping rates come out too.

Thank you

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Okay… here is the full order:

And here are the shipping options:

Not good, I will drive 40 minutes away to a competitor for these prices in shipping… and their nicotine prices are higher than yours, but I will still spend less without that out of control shipping.

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Definitely a problem - Fedex Ground isn’t even showing up. What is your zip code I can tell you what the rate would be real quick if it was working properly. I am on the phone now with tech support.


Zip Code is 48313

This is what I see - there is a problem and it will get fixed.


Quick question and on a side note - We are listening to everything you guys are saying and are trying to come up with solutions! We are interested in what you think about this as a free shipping option. Instead of a price-based free shipping option, we can offer weight-based free shipping option. This is how it would work: As long as you are between 2 - 25lbs you’d qualify for free shipping. Here are some examples:

Order #1
500ml VG – 1lb
500ml PG – 1lb
Free Shipping Minimum

Order #2
1 Gallon VG – 10lbs
1 Gallons PG – 10lbs
Flavors – 5lbs
Free Shipping Maximum

What do you guys think?


Basically 900ml of flavorings = free shipping

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What makes this statement so magical, is that we do know him and we do know he’ll fix it!


That sounds like it would cater to most, if not all, of us. Honestly can’t offer free shipping to those with small orders, but to anyone making their PG, VG and nic order, that would save us some serious charges for gallons…