Nicotine River flavors

I’ve been using some NR flavors (especially Golden Eye) in some of my most popular juices, but now i’m running out of them. Is there a vendor who still carries them? Or, alternatively, any suggestions for a sub for Golden Eye? Help would be hugely appreciated.


I wish I knew too. I had a great recipe using their Blue Raspberry Taffy but alas.

Anyway, I have a 15ml bottle of golden eye. It’s all yours. Just DM me your address. I know this will only work for a little while but it’s better than nothing. IMO anyway.


Thanks for the generous offer, but I live in Israael, so the shipping would be prohibitive.


Well, that’s a bummer. I would still be willing to send it but if it’s illegal… or do you mean prohibitive as in; expensive AF?

I found a FedEx that will ship for 12 USD. We could split the cost and it would only be 6 or 7 dollars

Anyway, I’ve been known to be somewhat pushy so I’m only “just sayin”

Take care


You are too generous. It is not illegal - it is too expesive for 15ml. Anyway, ther may be a friend of a friend travelling from the US in a couple of weeks. I have to check if she would be willing to take a small package for me.
I have a good relationship with NomNomz and I’m trying to get them interested in stocking NR. Lets see if my campaign is successful.


I would love it if your campaign is successful. I wonder if anybody else that uses NomMomz would be willing to send emails to help in this endeavor. I would but I have never even shopped there before.

Anywho, if your friend says yes then can send a few more concentrates if you are interested.


My luck - now Israel is closed due to Omicron, so the friend is not coming…


That sucks man…