Nicotine River - Important Updates

Just received this email and thought I would share here.


  1. Why don’t you sell larger sizes in FlavourArt anymore?
    We have received a various questions in regards to our larger sizing decrease in FlavourArt which is now down to 500ml. We were politely asked to take off the 1 liter and larger size option by FlavourArt, this was not our choice. The solution is still very simple. When wanting to order x4 liters of any flavor - order x8 500ml and it will come in a larger size bottle, this applies to x10 liters and other large quantities. We have a large stock of all flavors so don’t be hesitant and sky’s the limit!

  2. When will Inawera flavors arrive?
    They will be available by tomorrow 9/30/2016. We will begin with sizes 1oz, 2oz and 4oz. We will then work our way up from there!

  3. Will free shipping ever go away?
    We genuinely don’t think so but we have been discussing multiple free shipping methods such as weight, price, and categories to see what is best for both us and our loyal customers. We will be sending out a list of questions in the upcoming weeks to gather feedback on what truly makes you happy and what else we can do to provide better service, products, deals, etc.


this is why i love @Nicotine_River they arebalways thinking of us and not just the bottom line , trust me im not a fool and know profit comes first but at least these guys try to make us a part of what they are doing im happy they have added inawera veey smart move , btw @Nicotine_River i didnt see vanilla shisha on yiur page did you choose not to do that ???

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Vanilla Shisha and Chocolate will be coming shortly in a separate shipment! However, we do apologize for the delay! :slight_smile:


No worries ty for the quick response


Of course! We’re always here to answer any questions :slight_smile:


Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?


Please say Milk… please say milk…


@Nicotine_River do you plan on carrying any larger size bottles of Flavorah? such as 1, 2, and 3 oz sizes?

Milk chocolate!


No unfortunately we will not. 15ml will be the only size that we will continuously carry. 2oz once they are out of stock will not be reproduced. The 2oz we are carrying is excess stock we are trying to kill off.

Isn’t it possible to buy larger amounts and repackage them? I know that’s how most of the companies are?

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@Nicotine_River the price per ML in a 15ml bottle is just prohibitive to me. It prices it right out of my reach. I therefore have to resort to other suppliers in an attempt to get a product that suits my needs.

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We used to sell in large quantities but the prices were too high. The sales were low for larger quantities other than 15ml and occasionally 2oz. Our 2oz pricing currently is much lower than it should be. Most 2oz flavors by Flavorah should be around 20.00 or much more. However, since we are trying to exhaust our stock we have lowered the prices for the time being. 15ml is the only size we will be continuously selling. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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that’s odd their 4 oz (120ml) are only 22 and change for the ones that are 5.49.

We are not able to sell as low as they are due to manufacturer’s pricing restrictions and also Flavorah manufactures the product therefore they’re able to sell it much cheaper than us. So we decided it’d be best just to stick with 15ml bottles continuously.

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Sooooo glad to hear you will be carrying milk chocolate. I had recommended that it be carried but didn’t see it listed. I am loading up my cart for the next order now.

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