Nicotine River Query - Australia

Hi guys,

I’m thinking about ordering from Nictotine River sometime down the track (mainly just some flavors to start with) and was wondering if anyone in Oz who’s ordered from them (bound to be heaps of you who have) can give me a rough idea on:

  1. How shipping costs stack up.
  2. What delivery times are like.
  3. General level of satisfaction in dealing with them.

I reckon it’s always good to have multiple flavor sources at the ready so any and all advice (good or bad) will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers from Dardy on a hot and semi-cloudy (the sky type not the vape type ha-ha) day here in Perth.

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No offense to NR since shipping isn’t their fault but it is on the expensive side - for flavours I would suggest you go to and grab shipping for 5 gbp. If it is nic you are after or purilum flavs then shipping is just part of the end price (sydneyvapour have some purilum)

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Thanks @woftam. I’ll check out chefsflavours and sydneyvapour tonight after work. A fiver for shipping from UK sounds pretty good though. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve seen recipes on here and talk of the Purilum flavors so will look at them as well. Cheers…


Might also want to check with:

Thanks for the link @Brotherbob. Unfortunately I live on the other side of this magnificent country (in Perth) so might be a wee bit difficult to get over to the Harbour City. Plus I’ve been vaping now for about 2.5 years (and NEVER had the slightest desire for a stinkie nor fell off the wagon) but hey, I feel the love comin’ from your direction brother. I really do appreciate ya taking the time to reply. You never know, it might help someone over there instead. Everyone here at ELR are so willing to assist whenever they can (and you’re proof of that) and I for one think it’s great. Cheers.


My bad, thought the meets were general vape information exchanges. I think the Vapers table site lists stralya vendors though.


@Dardy I must assume that you have tried The Juice Factory in Aus?

Yeah @Tworrs, I certainly have. Placed my first 3 orders (so far) with Tom. I get them delivered to my workplace which is only 30-40 km away from his shop. Tom has a nice range but as you know when scouring ELR for recipes, there’s always “those” flavours you don’t have. Therefore I need to establish sources other than Tom for when I need to get the ones he doesn’t have.

I’m afraid the stash needs to be increased so I can find recipes that work for me and my quest is ongoing, especially for a nice “apple” vape, along with the ever popular S&C and of course the frustratingly elusive “coffee” brew. Thanks for the interest, appreciate it. Cheers.

Great @Dardy, other sources I have used have been Vapour Depot in the UK and Bull City Vapor in the USA.

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