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Nicotine River Updates

Are you international?

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Indeed I am. Israel.
It is cheaper than it was last week ($65), but still too expensive.

USPS rate for shipping one liter of liquid I get from another vendor is around $35 (expensive but i can work with that)


I understand what you mean and I would feel the same. As of this moment this is our current price decrease but we are expecting more decreases in the future. I know some competitors will still beat our prices at the moment but we’re happy to say this is at least a step in the right direction for catering more to our international customers. :slight_smile:


Thanks for addressing the international shipping issue, hopefully you’ll be able to match your competitors shipping costs soon and we’ll be able to buy from you guys again.


Received my order today with a free 2 oz sample of Euroflavor Red Grapefruit. Very much appreciate the sample, but I don’t like Grapefruit in real life. Willing to try it out if anyone has a recipe that’s decent with a grapefruit flavor? It isn’t listed on elr, but according to Euroflavor starting percentage guideline is 5-10%. Or would be willing to trade for another flavor?
Thanks @River_Supply_Co for the tightly packed box. Everything arrived in great order.


It is but seems by only one mixer and incorrectly with (euroflavor) where u would want (EF). Even tho the flavor itself isn’t mentioned, you may find this helpful to find a good starting point based on the average of the brand. EuroFlavors Tasting Notes. Don’t be scared to sub it into other mixers recipes once u find a good starting point. Things like: http://tjek.nu/r/2Jhq and others mentioned when you search the forums for grapefruit. Gl to u!


Thanks for the input. And that’s probably me with the flavor incorrect. For some odd reason I’m under two names here. Deerslayer for the forum and Molonlabe6669 for my recipe part.


Thanks for the big free sample of TPA Elderberry @River_Supply_Co !!!


You do realize they’re saying “your mother was a hamster” right?


@River_Supply_Co, I received part 1 of my order Friday and it was packed very well. One item was back-ordered, and that looks likely to arrive today. Good job done in a trying moment for your transition! Your new 15ml bottles of concentrates are the best I’ve tried from any vendor, btw. Kudos on the quality. Thank you!


Something i forgot to mention w/ input about your site improvements. The drop down menu for flavor brands list is too long to view all available w/ the drop down unless i shrink my screen and scroll is unavailable w/ the drop down. I know this wont be true to all but unless i shrink to 75% anything below hangsen is not viewable. Splitting the list in half would fix that but wouldnt know the work involved in that either. Thks again!


Hello! I 100% agree with you on this. I have made note of it and we will look into minimizing the length of the list! :slight_smile:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


Any ‘sale’ in the near future? [any active codes?]
As always, I will order either way, but just curious.

I pray all is well, after the move, fires, etc.
and am sure 2019 will be a great year for you.

You and your team make it easy to ‘Grant’ 5 stars,
and I always wish you the best [since you are my only
source for concentrates, VG, etc.]

God bless all of you.


Hey Ozo! As of this moment we do not have any active sales or codes but we will in the future depending on the holiday and what’s going on within our facility!

Thank you for your prayers, 2018 was quite a wild year and we do expect 2019 to be a bountiful and lucrative year for us as well as the industry! I am glad we’re your supplier Ozo! If you ever need anything, we’re always here! :slight_smile:


Hello, so you’re aware the dropdown request has been submitted to the team we use regarding website fixes. They have fit this into their schedule and will begin working on it. There is no set ETA for this fix, but it’s officially in the works! :slight_smile:


I got a pleasant surprise package today from NR today.

It was linked to my order that was well over $200 after the coupon. When I saw everyone was getting free samples I was a bit bummed I didn’t get any. Never said anything or complained but NR must have taken notice on there own and sent me some free samples. I actually had about 3 or 4 orders during the sale events and did receive a free sample of TFA HPNO in one of the small orders.

It wasn’t necessary for me to continue ordering from NR but oh so appreciated. Thank you @River_Supply_Co , what a great surprise :grin:


good surprise mail is always the best type of mail to get…

yea once spring gets I hope @River_Supply_Co does another coupon like that … finished my restock / wish list last night. was little surprised at how deep the rabbit hole can go( how long the list is getting)…

thankfully i don’t have to buy everything at one time…

Ya, I saw the notations all over…“Shipping is a little slow atm, Please be patient,
We are working on it, Will be better soon, Please be patient.”
WTH @River_Supply_Co ?
I ordered on Jan 31 and the order arrived this morning Feb 3 after church !
CA to TN…less than 3 days. And twelve bottles/mixed order [not 1 or 2, eh?]
AND THEN there was this surprise [a 10ml, a 2oz, and a 4oz] :
Crazy awesome–I Grant you 5 fat stars once again. Kudos Team @River_Supply_Co


@ozo Great news !!! I DO have to admit, and something I haven’t seen posted up here yet, it DOES take some $$%^$%^ to warn everyone up front that there might be some delays. I mean, it’s the RIGHT thing to do, but in this instant, click, click, click society, you always run the risk of planting the seed.

I’m glad they mentioned the probably delays UP FRONT, got there move on, and then ran a big sale. I hope things settle down for them, and us, in the future.