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What I think would be nice is to have say a 5 flavor selection with the top 5 or 10 flavors from each category.

You can say have the top 5 creams based on sales from various company’s, then top 20 fruits and that would be the 2nd and 3rd selection. Follow that up with the top 20 desert flavors for the 4th selection and top 5 custards.

This way someone can orders something like this:

  1. Cap Sweet Cream
  2. INW Shisha Strawberry
  3. FA Fuji Apple
  4. TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust
  5. CAP Vanilla Custard

When your a newb it is best to have less choices, not more so that your first mix has a better chance of succeeding. If you include some simple recipes on the product page as well then this might be the jumpstart they need. I tried multiple flavor mixes when I first started and failed, the simple ones are what kept me going in DIY. If there was a starter kit like this I would have ordered it right away.


I dig it and great idea!


I wouldn’t put the Meringue and the Marshmallow in that group…one or the other, then have an additional flavor.

I think the kits(s) should be available from super simple to the complete thing.

Super simple being premixed base with choice of PG/VG ratio, with or without nic. and flavorings in their choice, of how many, maybe two sizes and flavor choice. All kits should contain gloves syringes/pipettes, and the option of getting a scale for a decent price.

Very nice! If I may make a suggestion since this is to be sold as a group I would suggest swapping out “sour wizard” with whatevers at #11, this is just an enhancer. Other than that it’s a great line up. I see a handful of recipes that can be made from it.

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This was created by @Scottes777 and is a brilliant compilation that is easy to scan through the ingredients.
It is not only the best way I have ever seen to get someone new started with simple answers to the always asked questions of “what can I make” and “what flavors should I buy”, especially when they are eager to begin and can’t stand to wait a month to vape their first DIY juice.

It is so fast, easy, and simple to get a quick look at the recipe flavorings and decide if it appeals to their tastebuds, and they can choose which level they wish to start at. They can also easily ask others about flavor pairings versus steep times with the ingredients right in front of them and copy/paste in a reply on the forum…WITHOUT having to go to each recipe and open it to get the same information. AND…as we all know, the recipe names may be appealing, but the ingredients aren’t, or vice versa.

Yes, there is only a handful of each configuration, but PLENTY of choices to get someone new started with ease.

As I am sure Lars wouldn’t mind [may wish to consult him], and I see no reason you would object [Grant, Scott, Adair, Jody, etc] but maybe you could include a link to this thread [below] with each order, and every participant on ELR should direct all new mixers to this thread as well.
That being said about/for new DIY mixers, it is also a great simple guide for all of us to benefit from. I believe it would be very beneficial for new mixers to read the thread BEFORE they made their first flavoring order…however they were directed to it.
It’s definitely the best simple tool I have ever seen to get someone started…from just the recipes/ingredients alone.

It should be a ‘sticky’ on ELR. Here is the thread:


@Nicotine_River I hate to nag but it seems that my question about Capella Coconut has only made it to the ticket created step and then died. I’m not sure how much research is needed to decide whether to carry a flavor or not. I would just like to know ahead of time and hopefully get a positive response and give you time or order it so I can get some come the first of the month.

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We’ve placed an order for the flavor and it should be arriving today or tomorrow! Capella Coconut will be up on the website ASAP! Thank you :slight_smile:


We are in the final stages of the completion of Nicotine River’s DIY kit. Below are some tips we plan to include into our kit and we would like your input and any suggestions you may have.

First off there are two methods to mixing, by volume or by
weight, and for those just starting off, volume mixing is a great way to start
your journey. For the more familiar or advanced mixers, weight is the preferred
method. Weight mixing is most preferred due to the fact that, with the correct
information, weights will not lie nor change. Weight = consistency

  • Volume mixing is based on using volume or milliliters of the various liquids to create your ejuice

  • Weight mixing is based on the weights, or specific gravities, of the various liquids to create your ejuice

VG/PG ratios vary based on personal preference and vary greatly amongst vapors. From 100%, 70%/30%, 80%/20%, 50%/50%, and to others, these are just a sample of the many ratios that can exist in ejuices based on taste so do not be discouraged to adjust your ejuice to fit your taste.

Nicotine solutions can come in a variety of blends based on your preference and what the manufacturers sell. 100%VG, 100%PG and 50%/50% are the three blend types Nicotine River sells for eliquid nicotine. Your next question maybe “what does this “100%” stuff mean?” Simply, 100%, in regards to nicotine, means that your nicotine solution only has nicotine and either Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol. 50%/50% and others of the like indicate that your nicotine solutions are mixed with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol but at different ratios. Additionally, the standard convention is to indicate VG then PG when referring to a 50/50, 70/30, 80/20, and so forth.

You may see the following standard nicotine strengths 3mg, 6mg, 24mg, 48mg, 100mg, etc, what these mean is that the concentration of the solution is some numbered concentration in milligrams per milliliter. To clarify the list and other numbers you may see, the concentrations should be seen as such 3mg/mL, 6mg/mL, 24mg/mL, and etc. The standard naming convention was used for convenience and ease of use, but remember that the listed numbers are in units of concentrations, as in weight over volume, of nicotine solution.

Flavor concentrates or just flavors, to make it short and sweet, follow the rule of “a little goes a long way” and are, generally, suspended or made using PG. Ejuices are brought to life by these concentrated flavors but we recommend to not consume the flavors by themselves. Rather it is necessary to dilute the flavoring down with PG, VG or both to achieve the desired flavor.

To bring all these tips together, each part influences the other whether directly or indirectly. Nicotine solutions are blended in PG, VG, or both in some ratio while flavoring is generally made using PG. Both of these factors influence how much VG or PG you would need to add into your bottles to achieve your desired ejuice


Looks good. Only ‘BUT’ i have [other than my cute one I sit on, to keep all the girls from…] is, I think/believe that for some/many new mixers, starting by weight is not only easy, but also better in the long run, There are many folks I have seen that say they wish they had started that way. The only difference I can see between the two for some to begin is the cost of set-up.


mixing by weight is the best way even for a personal mixer like myself. I have a bag of 95 pipettes out of 100. Only used a few of them when testing 120ml bottles of juice when I first started. Now I have learned patience with the steeping process and no longer use them. Looking back more 10ml bottles would have gone to better use.

NR needs to have 10ml LDPE dropper bottles in starter kits.

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@ozo The idea is to include both, in the tips and the instructions, that way the kit serves in an all purpose manner and the latter option can be pursued when convenient. But, it would seem to turn new users towards weight mixing first, yes? True, the cost could be a factor and we are investigating ways to ensure a cost effective kit is produced.

@bogey_again We will look into including 10ml LDPE bottles and selling them as well.


Coconut is on the site!


I am really impressed…NicotineRiver with 2 different departments both in the Forum, and both in the same thread at the same time. Very impressive indeed @Nicotine_River_Chem @Nicotine_River
Good job, Grant!


[quote=Nicotine_River_Chem]For the more familiar or advanced mixers, weight is the preferred
method. Weight mixing is most preferred due to the fact that, with the correct
information, weights will not lie nor change. Weight = consistency[/quote]

For starters, I would restate the above as “For the more advanced mixers, weight is the preferred method.”

You did a wonderful job stating that “with the correct information…” as that’s the critical piece of info.

I do take serious exception with the statement “weight = consistency” though. As either approach (syringe or scale) when used properly, is not only consistent, but equally accurate.

Playing to one side or the other, is a bad idea IMO. Especially when you have “non-new” mixers on ELR that have recently said (in essence) that 1ml is close enough to 1.0258 (or some other example of a given specific gravity). When clearly, it’s not the same. And what’s worse, is that minute difference at lower levels (5, 10, 15, 30ml mixes) starts to play a more noticeable role larger role in larger batches. But again, that happened due to the first error of not using the exact S.G.

Like someone else recently (and accurately) stated, I fail to understand how do many people can have the impression that using a medical grade syringe is less accurate (or in your implied example: less consistent) than that of using weight.

Again, I know and accept that I’m the odd man out in ELR on this method, but I would hope that the benefits of each method are what’s conveyed, as well as accuracy of the supporting statements.

Assuming you always shake your flavoring before whichever method of dispensing is chosen…
Also assuming that they are likely to use other calculators (not necessarily just ELR -though while that’s a shame since daath has already done the legwork of keying in the SG’s, thus making weight mixers lives much easier!)…

IMO, the primary benefits are:


  • never having to know, much less worrying about entering in all the individual specific gravities (or search for them, or test each flavor for it’s SG if you can’t find the info, or have a new to market flavor, etc) 1ml will always be 1ml in a medical grade syringe.


  • great for those who prefer speed or convenience (no washing out a syringe between moving from one flavor to the next when mixing a single multi-flavor mix, for the times that the flavor bottle will not do drops.)

There’s pros and cons to each… But I just don’t think it’s fair to say one is more consistent or more accurate than the other. It all boils down to the person using it, as to how accurate or consistent it’s going to be. Someone can be just as inaccurate with a syringe as you can be using a scale.


Dang it! I just ordered some from a competitor last night! Oh well, you still got 75% of my flavoring budget.

You are right, weight is easier but syringes are going to be more accurate considering scales can fluctuate by a simple movement , i now use a scale because it’s easier thats the only reason

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Hi Sam…
Thanks for the reply. It is amazing, in this day and age, to find a company where so many of the [employees] are active in communication with the customers.
Everyone at @Nicotine_River that I have had any contact with, or have seen others have contact with, are superior to the norm when it comes to customer service, and it began with a phone call that Jody answered, then the return call from you…I have never seen folks that are so busy find/make the time to communicate with customers as all of you have done from the beginning. All of you @Nicotine_River are a true beacon of positive light shining brightly in this dark world we now live in. God bless every one of you.


Just out of curiosity, Do you have an approximate time frame for when the Inawera flavor concentrates are going to be available? I am just itching to give them a try!

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I too have been patiently waiting, and by patient I mean hitting refresh every 15 minutes for the past couple days lol. I’m ready to complete my cart