Nicotine Salts / Pod System Liquid

So I ordered Some Nicotine Salts from Nude Nicotine and bought a few iCare Solos with the idea I would make some juice / kits to give and help friends quit smoking.

Im mostly over nicotine so have not tried high nic pod systems but have been making e-liquid for years. Not sure how to approach a nicotine salts recipe.
I created a example
and have 100mg/mL / 100%VG Nicotine Salts
Any insight would be great. Thanks!

Something to note from what I’ve read is that it’s more addictive than regular nicotine. It enters the body faster but also leaves the body faster. I’m sure you probably have already read up on it but just wanted to throw that out there.

I’m interested to hear what other thoughts are on it. I’ve been scared to try it because of it being more addictive. Over the last 4 years I’ve brought myself down to 3 nic. I started out using 12 nic. It was really hard for me to get down that low. It really interests me but I’m fairly happy where I am today.

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I really don’t know anything about Nic Salts, but I am concerned with 45% 100 MG Nic in a mix. That’s 15 times the strength I can vape.

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Usage is exactly the same as normal nic I share @Pro_Vapes concern - do not vape that


I tried a sample of salts from nudenicotine couple months ago, with the thought of “I don’t wanna taste nic anymore, only flavors”. I tried smooth 100mg. It was good. No nic taste at all. But the problem was, at my regular 3mg dosage, using smooth with no throat hit, I wound up vaping more. I’d imagine their salt “hit” version would fix this though, so you can regulate yourself accordingly.
Anyway, now I’m using nudenic’s nude armor v2 and am pretty happy with it.

But yeah, I’d just be cautious with the high percentages, maybe try out their “hit” version. Good luck!

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I’m curious about going from liquid nic to salts… I hear theres no nic flavor at all just straight flavor which I like the sound of also that it’s a smoother hit. I’ve also been hearing that the nic is higher or something like that? Any links I could read up on for more info?

Pod systems usually use high mg’s (up to 50 in some cases) but you can use nic salts exactly the same way you use freebase nic. There is just little or no throat hit (neither salts or freebase should have any taste)

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Ah I see, in your opinion then is it worth going to salts over freebase? I vape at a 3mg… not really in it for the nic, trying to cut it to a 1mg eventually… but i do like flavor lol… from what I read there’s less nic flavor interference but just getting opinions before I need to place a nic order

Yes I personally prefer Nic Salts and I would say yes they are worth trying to see if they work for you. Nude Nicotine has nic salt samples on their site. If you want to dip your toe in the water.


Okay awesome thank you!

I would like too add something to this. Maybe I’m the only one tho, but maybe worth taking into consideration. Nic salt in my opinion does hit “harder” and gets in your bloodstream faster. I normally vape 1.5 - 2 mg freebase nicotine, but when I do use salts I have to decrease it to 0.5- 1 mg because otherwise I’ll feel that nic sick when chain vaping or having a couple more hits during work lol. Some mixes do benefit from freebase tho, but I would pick salt any day because its smoother. Just see what you personally like better.

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