Nicotine shots

Hi sorry if this has been asked a million times before.
I’m running low on my nicotine that I stockpiled and will soon have to buy nicotine shots.
Can anyone point me in right direction.
I’m in UK and I’m after 50/50

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Could try here:

Been around a while with pretty good reviews :+1:


Darkstar always seem to get positive mentions but haven’t used them personally, I’ve just had some really good dealings with Flavour Hub (previously known as Just Vape 247) you can select what PG/VG you want, which is handy and they regularly have discount codes that make them less than a quid per 10ml


Might look under Shops, UK:

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That’s who I used to get from before tpd👍

Thanks k you for that IL use that.
I was hoping in people’s experience they would know were is cheapest.

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Could compare others with:
Helps to check shipping costs.

I have been looking at that blue star company.
Very cheap but mixed reviews.
Read they work from home.
Still got about 100 ml 72mg/ml so little breathing space.
IL put it on this post when I get an outcome to help others

Definitely let us know if you find anywhere supplying a reasonable strength. Might be better via pm though, good old TPD :woman_facepalming:

I’ve just ordered some 72 nic in UK. If it’s any good I’m happy to pm you where from if you like :grin: