Nicotine smell?

Is nicotine supposed to have a smell? I bought a 120ml (100mg) bottle from VapingZone and it smells nasty like a mixture of river water and an old dog. I can also taste it at 3mg. Who makes the best nicotine that I can buy? Thanks


If you are in the US, there are only 3 places that I know of (there may be others) that have Nic and are still shipping. My Freedom Smokes, Nicotine Giant, and Perfect Vape.

I haven’t received Nic from any of these companies, so can’t tell you what their Nic is like. Try checking out the Vape Mail Ban thread to see if anyone has comments about these companies.


Your best bet is Carolina Xtract…This company has always been tops and its the only company that I know of still selling that I can recommend…

Some Nic has a smell …I have some Nic from @RiverSupply_Co it has a slight tobacco smell and os darker than the usual 100mgml I buy …This particular stuff is 250mgml so I am assuming since its 250 the tobacco smell is more prominent…I tried it and it has no xtra harshness or doesnt taste foul

What brand and strength is your Nicotine


Dont forget Carolina Xtract


Answered my question…Lol where are you located?? Your nic should be odorless or pretty damn close to it


Mine has no smell at all.

Unless: if I really try by smelling some that’s smeared on by fingers or shake the bottle then smell it, I get the most barely there feint hint of a kinda plastic-metalic smell that I’m unable to describe any better than that - sorta super-feint scent of what seems a mix of metal and plastic.

If I simply unscrew the bottle and smell though, there’s nothing: I have to agitate the liquid to even get that tiny smell and even then it’s almost imperceptible.

I don’t mind the way dogs smell though and wouldn’t mind dog-scented nic base.

To a point…

Dog Custard.

Apple Pie, with dog…

Strawberries & dog cream :face_vomiting:

On second thought yknow, you can have your dog scented nicotine base - all to yourself :smirk:


One day only today at Nude Nic


@MadMike740 much NIC has SOME smell, but typically should be close to odorless. Cheaper, and/or oxidized NIC can start to smell quite NOT good. What was the COLOR of your NIC, as a very common bedfellow to oxidation (bad smell) can be a darker color.

Being that you posted this 20 hours ago, your time will be VERY short.

Like @fidalgo_vapes said your best bet now, will be Carolina Xtracts.


I have gotten nic from my freedom smokes, central vapors, and nic giant in the last 2 weeks. I helped a BUNCH of people stock up. Of those the clearest freebase was My Freedom Smokes. The best Salts was Central Vapes and it is 250mg. The Nic I got from Nic giant was great as well though. Of those places I think you will be satisfied. On the other hand my nic that I got from Carolina a few months ago wasn’t worth the price increase. This may be because my personal nic is almost always nic salts. I haven’t used their freebase in quite some time. Central Vapors has some decent coupon codes as well.


@SessionDrummer Thanks for the info. I just made an account with Carolinaxtract and ordered 500ml of the 100mg/ml VG base. Even though I think I have enough nic to last for a few years, I want to be sure.