Nicotine Storage Grannys Solution

The biggest issue with long term storage of nicotine base is oxidization.
Storing nicotine solution in glass at freezer (-25C to -30C) temperature is undoubtedly the best domestic solution.
This has been discussed at length on ELR and is generally agreed upon.

Now for Granny’s advice.
Wax discs have been used by preservers for over a century.

I buy Pirate Vape nicotine in 150ml brown glass bottles for the freezer.
The bottles arrive with 150ml of 72mg nic
This gives a fill level 25mm below the rim, well into the shoulder of the bottle.

The Math
Surface area when received 352sq mm
Surface area when topped up to the 15mm neck of bottle 176sq mm
Surface area when 14mm wax disc added 22sq mm

This is 16 times less surface area than when received.
The bottles are filled to approx. 5mm from the rim so including the disk displacement
there is a reduction of air in the bottle of approximately 90%

I use a sterile 14mm punch to make the discs from larger preserving discs.
I also work on a sterile cutting mat.

There are no guarantees available when it comes to long term nicotine storage
However working with the best practice reasonably available to us will give us a better chance of success.

I must be emphasised that the quality and freshness of your nicotine base is of paramount importance.
You wouldn’t stick a rotten fish in the freezer.

There are suppliers including Nude Nicotine that fill bottles with argon (an inert gas) this displaces air
in the neck of the bottle.


One could also use a heavy inert gas - I just googled and found Bloxygen, which is also used as a preserver: - it should stay in the bottle, as it is heavier than air… :slightly_smiling:

EDIT: Would probably work with CO2 as well :slightly_smiling:

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Just bought a can of Bloxygen from Amazon I will add a little squirt and the wax discs with future supplies.
I am in the UK so express shipping was more than the product. Total £26.36
My goal is however to preserve a product that may not be available Ever Again following EU legislation.

My next batch of 10 x 150ml bottles will arrive in about 2 weeks.

Sad that they are going to create a black market over there . Criminalize something unnessarrily


I just checked the Bloxygen site again and read some more - It seems bloxygen is to preserve paint and stuff like that - I was relieved to find stuff like wine and liquor on the list as well :slight_smile: And it should be an inert gas, so it should be harmless :slightly_smiling: Was kinda worried for a while, that I got you to buy something you couldn’t use!

EDIT: Apparently Bloxygen is “just” Argon gas…

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Sounds like some stuff @Ken_O_Where pointed me towards in a previous thread.

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As soon as i saw the words Grannys Solution I thought about the wax that used to be on top of her canned jellies and jams. This may work wonderfully…in fact it seems it would provide there is a good seal. I’m also interested in some sort of vacuum filling but I only find those that fill larger bottles and think it would just waste a lot of liquid. One could even use the traditional canning method but then you’d have to introduce heat which would probably degrade the nic before it could be sealed.

Cool idea man.

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Yes, I bet that’s also just Argon :slightly_smiling:

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Pretty much. This was in the comments.

"The can says it contains a “custom blend of pure nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and argon (AR)”

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