Nicotine storage Help

So I’ve been reading the other forums an have decided to break my 500ml nic bottle down into ten 50ml bottles that a friend is going to source for me from the chemist she works at.
But I also have another 500ml bottle.
My question is will it be ok to store the other unopened bottle straight in the freezer and transfer to the smaller bottles when I run out of the ten I will already have stored?
Or could I store the 500ml bottle in a dark/cool place?
(Like batmans cave lol)
Also anyone how much more expensive it will be to buy nicotine when the new law kicks in?

@Pugs1970 is a master nicotine hoarder - he may be able to assist :+1:


I would say ‘yes’. Just make sure you bring it to room temp and shake the living bejesus out of it before transferring to the smaller bottles…you don’t want any hot spots :flushed:


I second that. The least amount of oxygen introduced into the bottle is best, so throw it straight into the freezer and don’t open it to split until you need to start using it.


Yeah like the girls said, i have a freezer full and theyre all unopened apart from the one i have on the go which is decantered into a 250ml bottle in the fridge, as for the price of nic after May well you will only be able to buy 20mg in 10ml bottles unless you are wholesale, proving that you’re wholesale however im not sure about, i would imagine some form of liscence will be needed but I dont know for sure, it will undoubtedly be very expensive though.


Not sure what costs will be, but as long as your 500ml bottle is topped off, no issues storing that unopened and broken down later when your other small bottles run out. It’s all about NOT oxidizing your big bottle, so when you do break the 2nd 500ml bottle up, you’re back to only open/closing one small one.