Nicotine storage

does anyone know if you can put 50/50 nicotine in the freezer

You can! :smile:


As long as it isn’t a barrel trying to go into a mini-freezer… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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At what point should you consider freezing nicotine?

Talking about nic and bases… Where do you get your?

I will be ordering next week and going to get 2-4 liter base and nic to go with it. So it would be nice to save a few kr!!

Also what % nic do you recommend?

@Bluntlunchbox My thought would be if you have a supply that isn’t going to be used up within three months, you should probably freeze it. Or split it into ‘useable’ portions and freeze the ones you don’t need.

@vaping_tom If you’re in the USA, the leaders right now are MyFreedomSmokes and NudeNicotine. Heartland was the go-to but they seem to be having some QC issues at the moment. If you’re not in the states, I have no idea. :wink:


No i´m in Denmark so im trying to find a european shop with good prizes and high mg nic. I know Lars is in Copenhagen denmark so lets see what he uses, or any of the other european members.

But thanks for the help on the nicotine storage… i´m totally new to diy and have only used base with nicotine added (3%) but it sucks not to have the choice to make different nic% for my friends that want higher, or none at all.

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I buy 52 mg 50/50 nic from Pink-Mule - it seems as if it’s the best price pr mg, and I like their nic. I’ve been meaning to try something else (like and others) - but all in all I’m pretty satisfied with what I use :smiley:


Another vote for Pink-Mule love there all VG Nicotine base

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Now when you put it in the freezer does it have to be in glass bottles? I have some thick plastic lid bottles that other nic has came in? Or does it have to be glass Amber bottles like everyone basically recommends?

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It doesn’t have to be in glass, I put mine in plastic amber bottles that I get from NN, as well as glass amber bottles, no problem. That being said, I would double, if not triple, bag the bottle to prevent any freezer smell from leeching into it.
Glass amber/cobalt bottles are really the best containers to use though, not only for UV protection but for the protection of the liquid itself.

I usually make a few liters of base ahead of time and I use about 60mls of nicotine. So I freeze my nic in 60ml portions, that way I’m not opening a big container every time I want to use it.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks brother.

I am too satisfied with pink mule so will buy from them.

But I found cheap local base

this. 99.5 pharmaceutical grade. Pretty cheap I think.

I think I will buy 2.5 liters of each.

It depends on how much you use and purchase I guess. I just recieved 1 whole litre of 100mg all VG Nic and broke it down into 220ml glass bottles, then threw into the freezer. I have a small 30ml glass dropper bottle I keep full of nic at my mixing station. When that is almost empty, I’ll take one of the bottles from the freezer and let it sit out overnight, then fill my station bottle, and put the 220ml bottle into the fridge. I use 2-3mg nic in my mixes and I make juice for myself and two other people. This litre of Nic should last for 10-11 months. Hope that helps you in some way.


Yes it did thank you both very much

I buy my PG and VG from Vera Cura as well :slight_smile: It’s top notch!

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The system won’t let me ‘like’ this, so I’m posting it…

Like, Like, Like, Like… :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome :grinning:

Then it’s settled then… Let’s make lot’s of juice in December :raised_hands:

Have a fabulous one

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Remember to buy the pump separately :slight_smile:


Lol :joy: yeah will do…

I got a liter of 48mg VG nicotine and put it directly in the freezer. Does it actually freeze?

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