Nicotine Strength and Flavor

Hello all,

I am fairly new to diy(~3mo.).

I currently am using a 24mg 100% VG based nicotine. I usually mix batches at 3mg strengths.

Right now I have an apple fritter type mix that has been steeping for about 3-4 days. While I do get really good flavor right now, it seems to have a “muddy” aftertaste to it after the exhale.

Would my lower strength nic base contribute to this?
Would a higher nic base like 100mg/ml be more efficient in terms of flavoring composition in the mix?

I kind of have a theory that the lower nic base would affect flavor because it is a bigger composition of the mix to achieve the 3mg I desire instead of leaving more room for the flavors to contribute to the overall mix.

I would appreciate if someone could shine light on this subject. Thank you.


It really shouldn’t make a difference. The filler in your 24mg nic is the same vg that you would add more of if you were using a higher mg nic. Hopefully that makes sense. :slight_smile:


I agree with @VapeyMama that your nicotine base strength is not going to make a difference because your end product will still have the same ratio of nicotine and VG regardless of base strength. Sounds more like you have a flavor in the mix that doesn’t appeal to you…


The benefit of higher mg Nic solution is that it takes less to meet your final requirement and also costs less per mg. As the others have said it doesn’t really affect the flavor of the end result.


You may just need more steep time. Bakeries like to age a bit…5-10 days or more. Like said before there is flavor component your taste buds are focusing on. Probably an AP in one of your flavors to give you the bread flavor.


Thank you all for the quick responses. I will definitely take steeping more into consideration now. :grinning:


Can I just ask if you were using USA brand? Seems like a similar flavor when I started out, like muddy dirty earth. Just curious.

I use Wizard Labs, but I may switch due to hearing bad things about WL nicotine.

Yes, you most definitely need to change suppliers. Nicotine River is what most here are using…