Nicotine Taste

I started with an istick 30/nautilus mini about a year ago. The juice was 18mg and I slowly went down to about 12. None of the juice had any odd taste…just the flavor on the bottle… and for the most part all the juice was very good.

Soon after, I went to subohm and slowly worked down to 1mg from 6mg. Anyway, now I got my mom the same istick setup and made her some 12mg juice. When I vape it @ 10 watts in the istick I can really taste the nicotine to the point where it interferes with the flavor. Is this probably because I’m used to such a low nic content? Just seems like since it’s only 10 watts I wouldn’t notice the nicotine.

It also makes me not want to make any juice with more than 6mg for anybody because I’m thinking they will hate it.

I don’t want to mention the brand of nic I’m using because most likely it’s me and my taste buds. The brand I have is very common around here and people talk about how flavorless it is.

You definitely would notice a massive difference if you are smoking 1mg if you start smoking 12mg. Totally and utterly different. I use a sub-ohm setup so 12mg would blow your throat apart.

Is the nicotine you used fresh? Smell it (be careful though). If it has a peppery smell it’s going off.

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I see what you are saying, but I’m talking about going from 1mg subohm to 12mg 1.5 ohms @10 watts. It’s not harsh or anything, but I can barely taste the juice itself. It’s pretty much just nicotine.

The nic is fresh from what I can tell. No smell, and according to the bottle it came in, it was made last month. I keep it in glass bottles in the freezer.

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I guess what I’m asking is, would somebody who never vaped before taste the nic like I am? Lol I should have just asked that to begin with.

Where’d you get your nic?

Like PG is the main flavor carrier, nicotine is the flavor KILLER. Up your flavor percentages. or make a flavor base and instead of mixing it at whatever is called for, add 5-7% more flavor base. It is possible you have some bad nic. It is worth trying to increase flavor though. nicotine is pretty nasty when it is good…even on a good day.

I had the impression that nicotine was almost tasteless and never masked any flavours? (I’m newish and may have picked it up wrong of course) :wink:

The nastiness of nicotine is reduced at lover levels. At higher levels about 10mg/ml it it starts showing it’s ugly head. Most people get it as “throat hit”. It may not impart much flavor, but it can really mess with certain flavors. My suggestions where just that. YMMV but it is worth a shot…a flavor shot that is.