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hey guys,

I’m pretty much new to diy and started to make a few recipes but it turned out disgusting even after following the recipes I chose to make.

My question is should I be doing NIC testing on the NIC I get from vendors since it may mute flavours? Also as an example if I ordered 48mg NIC but after doing the test and it shows that the nic is 50mg instead of the 48mg should I adjust in the recipes as well?

any help will be greatly appreciated since I don’t want to spend any more cash on “premium” juice


Most flavours need a few weeks of steeping time before they get good. Maybe you could post a few recipes you’ve made to give people an idea what might be wrong.

[quote=“yence, post:1, topic:64157”]
since it may mute flavours
[/quote]As far as I know nicotine doesn’t mute flavours.

If that turns out to be the case then yah, you should adjust it.

A resounding YES! Always test your nicotine.

There have been issues in the past with certain suppliers of nicotine, where the mg/ml was way off, towards the high side.

With the available nicotine titration kits (i.e. Wizard Labs and the likes), folks can at least see if the the mg/ml concentration is “close” to what is advertised and sold by vendors. Titration in a home setting is going to be a “ballpark” result; that’s good enough for me. A nicotine reading being off by 2mg/ml doesn’t concern me much; personally, I wouldn’t adjust my recipes for the variation. I’m not a chain vaper, so the difference between a 6mg/ml and an 8mg/ml juice isn’t going to make much difference to me.

I’ve learned to do three separate Nic titration tests on any one particular nicotine; replication rules out possible human error. :grinning:

If you did a nic test and believe it is accurate, I would use the results of your test. Having said that I would make a clean test vaping of your desired nic strength and vape it (i.e. a non flavored small batch) if you think your having taste issues with your nic. If your not having actual taste issues, I would adjust the total flavor percentages of your recipe if your liking the recipe but are feeling your just not tasting it as much as you feel you should be. If your talking about a recipe that you like a lot (you use a lot) it may be a good thing for you to make a base out of that recipe to make it easy to increase the flavor percentile on individual batches as you make them and (although not everyone agrees) could assist in faster steeping on down the road for batches created from that base.

thanks for the reply… the main one I wanted to try was the unicorn milk clone recipe that cuttwoodspy or something posted. did a test 30ml batch steeped 2 months and still no flavour at all. so I thought it could have been the NIC that I got

yeah Im going to try this method but for the life of me I can’t figure out why my juice flavours have all been muted even after 2 month steep. So I thought it could have been my NIC since never did a test at all with the NIC I received

Is this the one you are talking about?

1.5% Butter Cream (CAP)
0.5% Graham Cracker v1 (CAP)
0.5% New York Cheesecake (CAP)
1.5% Sweet Cream (CAP)
8.5% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
1% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP)
3% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)

Flavor total: 16.5%
Remember to rate it at:
I’m not familiar with this kind of recipe but I know CAP is not know for putting out super concentrated flavours. Seems to me you need to put up the percentage. I suggest you look around at the recipe site, there are zillions of Unicorn Milk recipes floating around :grinning:

If I recall, when I vaped that (even with 8.5% SB) it tasted just like a nice cream but that was about it. I did make a variation off it (actually it’s totally a different form now, that you may wish to try if you have the ingredients:
Raspberry Sherbet - CallMeTut
5.00% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
4.00% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
3.00% Vanilla Cupcake (TPA)
2.00% Strawberry Shisha (Inawera)
2.00% Sweet Cream (TPA)
1.75% Butter Cream (CAP)
1.00% Vanilla Bean Gelato (TPA)
0.50% Raspberry (Sweet) (TPA)
0.33% Raspberry (TPA)
This was a take off of Unicorn Milk changed up the strawberries a bit and added Raspbery.
Trying this with the Raspberry… not too sure if I like it too much, almost gives it a slight cherry taste… Griffin tank .53 ohm
The more I vape it the better I like it, had to get into the raspberry mindset I guess.

Made 30 ml on 10 ml of the original 4/21/16
Changed the VC v1 to Vanilla Cupcake
Changed the VBIC to VB gelato
Changed Raspberry to .33
Added Sweet Raspberry
Removed the .5 of NY CheesecakeCAP and Graham CrackerCAP

Be advised this is still a WIP kinda feeling it is missing something in the back, might be the cheesecake.


adding Raspberry to my ever-growing list Sounds awesome…

"a few recipes but it turned out disgusting"
Could read:

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that’s the exact recipe I tried lol.

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