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Hi all.

Since the new laws came in recently I wanted to ask you all where is the best place to buy nicotine in the UK? I know there is the nicotine shots that are available but I’m more interested in buying what I’m used to. I used to but from 72nic which I never had an issue with but they seem to not be selling anymore. I recently made a purchase from Blue star and I’m not overly impressed.
Basically my question is where is the best place to buy 100ml or 200ml of nicotine thar has decent quality?


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I believe most (all?) of the UK nicotine vendors like DarkStar and Nicotine UK now requires that you are registered as a company, though that shouldn’t be an insuperable hurdle, I know that there are many that have done this just so that they can continue to buy nicotine.

The other alternative is to buy from Pink Mule in Spain. They ship to most countries in the EU, and to the best of my knowledge there shouldn’t be any problems with customs. Pink Mule is where I buy all my nicotine, and it is of excellent quality.


Thanks for your reply and input. I tried the Nicotine uk website and I was able to purchase a 100ml bottle of pg nicotine so I’ll give that a try. Reasonable price as well so thanks again :+1:.


I live in the Middle East and have bought 4 years worth from this place. The nic is clean, clear, and tastes fine. Never had a single problem with ordering. I communicated with him just two weeks ago inquiring if he was still in business after the TPD and he said yes.


you can also check
some people here buy from them.

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ummm, yeah, that’s right but we’re all businesses, right? and we all checked that little box that asks us to confirm that we won’t be making illegally high strengh juice with it.

I mean, Since Dark Star etc., pretty much stopped catering for those who don’t want to buy it by the gallon. I’m a tad concerned about mentioning the few remaining alternatives on a public forum