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Hello, are here people from Europe who can recomand or know a company who is selling nicotinebase please.
I have a company in The Netherlands but I think it can be cheaper, I pay 45 euro for 250ml/100mg.

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You can still find 100mg nic with the whole TPD regulation? o.O
Link please :slight_smile:


Yes, I can find in UK and Holland, that’s sure but not on the prices like USA and that was my question :slight_smile:

Lucemill in the UK
Nieuwesigaret in Holland but you have to make an account


I think these still post to EU… I use their Green Label 100 mg/ml (around €37 for 250ml 100mg/ml)…


Thanks, bookmarked! :slight_smile:
@daath @FrederikDV Never any issues with customs?

If I remember correctly you once said you lived in Belgium, that has extra strict rules regarding this, and I also know that PinkMule for at least a period stopped shipping to Greece because the Greek authorities was cracking down on import of vape products.

But for most of the EU there is zero risk importing nicotine from PM. I always buy my nicotine from them.

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True… but I’m not sure if customs will open packages that are delivered within the EU. They really shouldn’t. But if they do, I regularly visit family in neighboring countries, I can always have a package delivered by them.

I don’t know what Belgium customs will or won’t do, but I do know that the Greeks opened millions of packages from other EU countries.

My advice would be to have it sent to your relatives and pick it up yourself, instead of taking the chance, but take that advise with a grain of salt as I’m hardly an expert on the subject.

In Belgium I can tell you that everything what depends EU can be delivered because all transport is by truck, not by airway.
Even I can tell, I’m moderator in the biggest vapegroup of BE and NL, everybody buys in China mods, coils, etc…
We have 7000 members, maybe we’ve had 10 people who received a lettre of customs.

Yet somehow every single package I get from China gets opened :rage: I’m not ordering anything I’m not allowed to so nothing has been confiscated.
The last package I ordered from China spent nearly a month at customs before they released it. Maybe just my luck but I find it hard to believe that they always find my package from the millions of packages that pass through.

Dang I was going to suggest for nic. They are out of China. I would also suggest using DHL if its an option for you. I’m not sure what is allowed where you are though. I just know they’re nic is really good.

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I’m from Belgium and I order from:
No problems with customs so far.

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No, never had