Free Shipping on orders over $50 till 2/29

IDK if this has been posted yet. Don’t forget about ELR for 10% off.

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Thats so awesome. He said he was going to do it and here it is. Time for me to place an order

No doubt. I just made a $100 order at BCV yesterday!.. Oh well… I guess it’s a good excuse to get more stuff.

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You know…(sigh)…I held off buying for a week thinking a sale or promo would be coming up and I finally couldn’t wait anymore so I placed my order three days ago. Damn!
Oh well, at least my order will be arriving this morning.:slightly_smiling:

Good time to buy… Always something to possibly order…

Thanks for posting this. Got my order in for the free shipping. Too bad they were out of stock on 5 or 6 items I really wanted. Still a nice deal though.

Just made my order, but one of you guys bought my cap sugar cookie and strawberry ripe.