NicRiver One-On-One

Does anyone know if the Nicotine River One on One flavors are a one shot type product? I spoke to someone in Customer Service and she didn’t know for sure but because of the name she thought they were.
Thank you.


no, they appear to be single flavors located in our database. Dont forget your codes Nicotine River - 15% OFF ALL FLAVORS! Gl to u!


I don’t personally think of them as one shots, they have few decent flavors. Marshmallow Vanilla has made it into some of my savory recipes. Sugar Cone is a hit or miss, I like it but don’t use it often but that may change as NR prices are better, may have to try is more. I know Cream (Milky Undertone) is somewhat popular but never found a lot of use for it myself. Strawberry sour belts is a decent flavor, I could do without it but don’t mind having it. Disappointed OoO Sugar Butter Cookie is not in the NR lineup, use it for a savory butter aspect in a few recipes, not essential but I do really like it.

OOO is just your normal flavor company. They have both simple and complex flavors and I’m sure you can use a good few of them as single flavors to get a proper juice.


These are on my list. Think I only saw one on the site.

OOO Vanilla Custard Cheesecake
OOO Cornbread
OOO Powered Sugar
OOO Sugar Cone


I have this one and like it.


What percentage for the OOO flavors? Thank you.



Did some testing…


Only have notes for using Vanilla Custard Cheesecake @ 1%-1.5% for a mixing range

The median for the flavors on the recipe side is below. Maybe some else has experience using these other ones. Like @SessionDrummer Has in his notes

Vanilla Custard Cheesecake OOO
Average mixing quantity: 2.2%

Cornbread OOO
Average mixing quantity: 3.5%

Powered Sugar OOO
Average mixing quantity: 1.9%

Sugar Cone OOO
Average mixing quantity: 2.7%

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