Nitecore D2

Worked like a charm. I figured it was made to charge 18650 batteries inside the Eleaf products.

As long as you didn’t blow your face off, all’s well that ends well. :wink:

I love my D2 and it takes me about 4-4.5 hours to charge my HE4s to full. I don’t mind the wait and I purchased enough batteries that I’m never without a charged set.
Charging 18650s in the fastest way possible isn’t the best option for the life of your batteries and kinda yourself :wink:

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Yea. I want to buy the 6 bay from efest but I’ll probably look into other brands when I learn more about the new chargers, eventually, or when ever you good people talk about them lol.

I have the Efest lvu v4 charger. It can charge at .5 A .and 1A with 4 batteries…or 2A with 2 batteries. Upgraded after started getting dual battery mods. Slow charging is best for the battery.

Yea, I have ADd and forget everything. I’ve got a few bottles of juice I stashed when I was in a hurry to leave and still can’t find them. So it being able to stop charging them when it’s done is semi important for me to.