Nitecore D4 2016 Charger

Wondering if anyone has any experience with this charger and where the best place to buy one from is, preferably in the UK…

I just had to cancel a ebay order as it was the 2014 model.

I’m also wary of clones…

Thanks in advance

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Maybe I should have stated my budget LOL

Thanks Ozo if I somehow have over £25 spare ill def grab one :+1:

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Oh man! Thanks! How do i know if its real or a clone??

It’s real…no clone.

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Thankyou Ozo ill “get ta ordering”

You get a sticker with a number on the box so you can check at Nitecore if it is legit if you have any doubts. Also when you register with them after they check if your product is legit you also get to use their warranty service.


Ooooooh that sounds promising, I like that with Aspire products, cheers

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