Nitecore i4 battery charger question

Ive recently bought one of these to charge the HG2’s I use in my RX200.
I understand (correct me if I’m wrong) that the 4 slots operate on 2 different circuits, so because I’m charging 3 batts, the one using the circuit by its self charges in 1/2 the time of the other 2.
The question is this… once the batt that has the circuit to its self has charged, would it be ok to move 1 of the 2 remaining to the other circuit mid charge, to speed the process up?

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I dont see why not, i do this often and havent noticed any issues.

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I have an i4 and a d4, my understanding is the screen on the d4 pretty much the only difference. When you charge just 2 battery’s on one side it charges at 750ma each, and when you add one or a pair to the other side it charges all at 350ma each. I also noticed on my d4 that if I put one on each side it will charge both at 350ma each. To answer your question I don’t think it will speed up the charging by doing that…


Thanks Guys. I’m gunna give it a go n see what happens…:pray:

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This is fine unless you’re charging AA, AAA, or 10440 batteries. Those are the only ones the manual lists as needing to charge in pairs. This is probably also where I got the wrong idea that I needed to charge pairs of 18650s in slots 1 and 3, but now I know better. :slightly_smiling:


  1. Nitecore strongly recommends that AAA, AAAA and 10440 Li-ion batteries are not
    charged alone in the i4 charger. When using only one charging slot, the i4’s current
    automatically sets to 750mA, which exceeds the maximum current range of most
    AAA, AAAA and 10440 Li-ion batteries. Failing to follow to this recommendation can
    result in excess heat, battery damage or even explosion,causing property damage
    and/or personal injury.
  2. Due to the aforementioned reasons, it is recommended that a minimum of two (2)
    AAA or 10440 rechargeable batteries are placed into the charging slots together.
    When charging two batteries in the i4, be sure to always place them in either slot 1
    and 3 or slot 2 and 4.
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Yeah, saw the manual , but they dont always tell you everything. And being as new to these batteries as I am, I thought I’d better check - thought I’d be wrecking them for sure by interrupting the charge …& then speeding it up.