NN nic base pre black friday 30% off sale

I know a couple of folks here were talking about buying some nic from these guys. I’m on their mailing list and this came in today.

Active now, through Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 @ 11:59 PM PST), the coupon code:


will apply a 30% discount on all NICOTINE BASES! Applicable to all nicotine strengths (including 100mg/mL) and all aliquot sizes excluding wholesale and 1gal volumes. Remember, shipping is ALWAYS FREE on orders over $100 :slight_smile:


Of course they would finally have a sale hours after I just took a chance and bought nic from a different company…fml!

So… Why are you buying anything not on sale so close to Black Friday?

I did buy it on sale but from a place I don’t normally buy from…

Oh. That’s ok then.

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