No flavor from vape?

I’ve made several juices from recipes found online in various places. A couple have been really good and strong flavored when vaping, but many of them seem to have very little flavor. If I put a drop on my finger it might taste amazing, but when put into my tank and vaped it’s near flavorless.

For Example:
2% Marshmallow (TPA)
3% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
5% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
8% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)
Mixed at max VG comes out to 18/82 PG/VG

After a 3 week long steep:
It has an absolutely amazing flavor when I taste a drop of juice. It tastes just like strawberry ice cream. But when vaped it is almost flavorless.
I have tried in different tanks, with different coils, and at different wattages.

What would cause this?

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Hmm… Interesting. A 3 week steep on that should be just fine, so my first thought would be the VBIC could possibly be muting the other flavors. Strawberry can be overpowered pretty easily. What are some of the other recipes that you’ve tried that don’t taste like much? Are they cream heavy? Have they all had a good amount of steeping? Just trying to brainstorm a bit. :wink:


I concur with vapey that the cream may be too much, the average mixing percentage for VBIC is 3%.
I think max VG also needs a longer steep.

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Thank you for the replies and suggestions.

I will try mixing again with lower VBIC %, and maybe a 30/70 mix as well. I’ve got a magnetic stirrer on the way to assist on the mixing part because I feel that shaking may not be doing enough . It’s just astounding that the juice can taste so good in liquid form, but have no flavor when vaped.

A couple of other mixes that I have tried with little to no flavor are

5% Toasted Marshmallow (TPA)
5% Vanilla Swirl (TPA)

5% Berry (Crunch) Cereal (TPA)
6% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)

Maybe I’m expecting too much from such simple recipes, but the reviews were all really good on these so I’d expect they’d at least have some flavor in them. All of my mixes have been max VG and they’ve all had at least 3 weeks to a month of steep time by now.

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I don’t think so, sometimes simple mixes can be amazing! It just sounds like the creams might be taking over. Everyone tastes things differently too, so while one person might like a ton of cream and have it suit them, your pallet just might not agree. If the creamy mixes taste bland to you, try going with %s that are no higher than what’s listed for average usage in a mix and see how you like them.


One more thought. Sometimes to much of a good thing is a bad thing. Cutting down flavor %s and then bulking them back up with similar flavors can do wonders. Like with your strawberry combo in your first post, those two will work better than just one at a higher %. Same with creamy flavors (a lot of flavors actually), a little of this and a little of that usually tastes better than a lot of one thing.


well let’s see it…
first of all…
high VG requires MORE time steeping… if the batch is large requires EVEN MORE time steeping in my experience…

i use most of these flavors (VBIC, STrawberry ripe, Sweet SB) while i usually mix at 70/30 and 80/20

if i could give you some of my notes:

SB ripe is losing it’s strength after some time (3% for me is way low, it’s like doesn’t even exist) (in this case i would probably replace it with TPA SB)…

VBIC requires much time steeping unfortunately…and the amount of it is too much… even 5% sometimes is enough to get over the place and mute other flavors…

Sweet SB is much stabler than SB ripe… percentage for me seems great…

i never use marshmallow… (usually using CAP super sweet) so no notes or experience with it…
while in general watching this recipe i would say that that imho it needs more support flavors to shine…

try to vape your base alone and make sure that all of your ingredients are in good condition too… i would suggest a long long long steep like 40days to see the result and not before…

i hope i helped ya… gl and hf :slight_smile:

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This is a very good question. This has happened to me also (I just started mixing this month). I found the same results with most of the cream recipes I made that had similar %'s; they are muted when vaped (at a 2 weeks steep even) but taste A.MAZING when knuckled. I was very confused when reading comments on the recipe comments section where people would state that the recipe tasted amazing after only 3 days or a week of steeping.

Recipes I’ve mixed that had no creams like a bakery or all fruit vape seem to hold up when vaped.

I’ve read many threads here and I found that the muting experience when the juice is actually in the tank and vaped, as opposed to when you just taste the juice on your finger can be caused by:

  • Higher % of some flavors can overtake the mix like creams and some custards

  • Subbing a particular flavor with another brand at the same % when it should be possibly lower

  • In addition to that some people sub with the DX or v2’s of the same brand which may taste better or worse after steeping depending on your taste…* someone can correct me with this note

  • Certain additives like sweeteners like EM and Sucralose (I definitely need opinions with this one because I make home made Super Sweet with powdered sucralose & PG - some say it mutes flavors and some say that it doesn’t) @Amorphia

I know I’ve been reading and thinking like Winnie the Pooh on why it would taste so great when knuckled but not vaped. I have to agree with @VapeyMama & @Amorphia with their findings. It’s really hard to know for sure until you try some of these remedies yourself.