No Ice effect with Caliburn G 1.0 coil mtl pod kit

hello friends…

was trying to make the nicsalt-based recipe for my Caliburn G and steeped for 36hours.

1-The taste is decent, less sweet, and has almost no ICE/COOLING effect with Caliburn G 1.0ohm coil.
2- peach is dominant, then Strawberry, and almost NO mango in flavor :frowning:

can anyone please check the recipe and tell me if I am missing anything?


First do you have Ws23 or Koolada??? What yiu have listed is wrong…If yiu have Koolada (ws3) then trash it and grab WS23


i have WS23 30%, bought from Chef flavors.


Ok…I am not a Pod Vapor vut 1 to 2pct should get you there…I have people i mix for that need it at 2pct to be satisfied with the coolness level. Especially if your comparing to some of those Commercial Liquids which are very icy …


Please pay attention when entering your flavors; the one you have entered will be deleted soon (since there’s no flavor with this name), so you better delete this flavor and add the real name.

Hint: when you’re entering your flavors and you type the flavor’s name like ‘’ WS23 ‘’ you get suggestions in a drop down and the one with most recipes is usually the right one. (and choosing this one will open you far more recipes if searching by ‘‘what can i make’’ option)


The Philippine Mango is in general relative weak, but not sweet. At 8% you should get more of it, but I would steep it minimum 3 days better 5.
I would also reduce the strawberry which is at 6% a bit high.