No Leak Tank on Aeroplane

I travel a lot for work and am chasing a tank that wont leak with the pressure changes.
The best that I have found so far has been the Crown 4 tank. Still leaks a bit…
If anyone has any tank recommendations or aircraft/travel tips it would be greatly appreciated…


One thing i do and works well for me, i try to only have half a tank or less (works with full also) i close the air control and invert my setup up and place in the seat pocket. Half the setup sticking out the top of the pocket under the elastic strap part(if that makes sense).
Works for me. Best of luck to you, will be interesting to hear what others do. :+1:


Ha … am doing the same thing at the moment ;-):wink:


I travel a lot as well and the two setups I use it’s a Le Zephyr (mesh) that has the air flow on the upper part and it’s sealed (I close it just for the sake of it) making sure it’s half tank, otherwise I use a lot a VT75 BF system with any atomizer, half bottle, no leaks.
But the best it’s still… front seat pocket and trying not to forget it’s there… but by the look of it we’re all frequent flyers and it’s an automatic check when landed!
The only point is… it’s so automatic that you keep asking yourself… did I do it? Yes I did.


I had an aromamizer plus on a plane recently and no leaks.
I did close juice flow controll and have a few puffs before just to make sure.


I’m on 6 to 8 planes a month. I have all 3 versions
of the Zeus RTA that I take with me. Never had a single leak but the first couple puffs are slightly flooded.