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No longer allowing duplicate recipes


Will be nice to see all the thousands of UNIQUE recipes :slight_smile:
Thanks for this update!



haha it was my phone i meant @daath . I thought it popped up though



Sorry if that sounded flippant. I am in the middle of a house move. ( Finally brexiting ! )
I have used your technique but it is not ideal as it messes up the natural data model of the website.
Ideally, I would like recipes that are public at one point to stay public and impossible to modify forever, but that would not be terribly popular with many and may have the side effect of putting good people off.



When I find a recipe I want to keep I just adapt it and put it into one of my own folders I created just for that. Not sure if those are deleted if the original owner deletes their original.



Anything you adapt, is yours for “posterity”.
(No worries about losing it)



If I were asked, I’d say that’s my biggest pet peeve here. I just can’t figure out why people do that. Then again, I’m fairly clueless as to why people do most of the dumb stuff they do.



What’s going to happen with recipes that are public and taken back privately after a while?
I’ve seen it happen a few times where a copy is still available but the original recipe disappeared.

Is this an intentional consequence to protect the creator’s wishes or is there some way that people with a copy could be notified should they want to publish and share it?



A copy is adopted two the person that got the copy so that should be safe



I bet that falls into the same bucket as the really odd and cryptic notes we sometimes see, too. People copy those notes to their own stash flavors not realizing they are populating the whole public notes DB by doing that. More symptoms of a bigger overall issue.

But thanks for the progress so far on all the efforts!!



Can you give some examples, plz? Not sure if I’ve come across this kind of thing







I’m not bashing these people nor do I think these notes are dumb. What I do think is, they created them for their personal reference without realizing they would be published publicly.



I get that, but it means a recipe is no longer available to the public while it would have been if others could have it public



I know right? Most of his notes aren’t even that good. The whole note section has been totally ruined. I remember a time when I counted on it but that was ages ago.



I think what would solve this is if the flavors section had (like we now have) on the recipe section; a public notes section, and a private notes section. @daath :wink:

This way, folks like myself who want to track:

  • dates of purchase (to get a feel for when a flavor goes bad, ie: how long it’s viable)
  • origin of purchase (tracking when/if a flavor is being watered down [diluted], tracking sales [and codes])
  • location/storage codes (for those that use them)

And anything else that isn’t generally helpful to anyone but that specific user (could be stored in “private flavor notes”)

What do you think Lars?!

/edit: although I do think that EOL (end of life) could be useful info for the masses… Once enough data has been accumulated, and relevant storage data is ascertained. (temp stored at, material stored in [glass/plastic/PET/etc])
But that’s probably asking too much. lol



I don’t see it as a huge issue. If people want to have those things public, then so be it.
Just like people will incorrectly use the public function on recipes, people will incorrectly start using private flavor notes and this will result in even less useful notes for people who want to research a flavor.

The fact that notes disappear when you remove a flavor from your stash is a much bigger issue IMO. We want more notes, not less.



Meaningful notes, that is. The examples I posted above are clearly not meant for public consumption. But they are because everything is. At least a known public/private demarcation means that people will know to put meaningful non personal notes on the public side. I’d welcome many notes as long as they were crafted for public visibility. Tub 8 (2 X 30ml) is not helpful to anyone but the note creator, but a solid string of meaningful words is always welcome.



Nice discussion guys.

What would have helped me when I started is more accurate real-life usable percentages. It seems like the “Maximum used” is throwing off a more realistic usable amount. 20% and 30% are insane.

What if the “Percentages in recipes” was limited to only recipes with over 5 / 5-start ratings?

And the Single flavor recommendations - “Maximum used quantity” was limited to 10% Max?

Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 4.9% (Median: 5%)
Minimum used quantity: 0.3%
Maximum used quantity: 30%

Single flavor recommendations: 27
Average quantity: 6.9% (Median: 6.0%)
Minimum used quantity: 1.0%
Maximum used quantity: 20.0%



This is what happens when people create stones and why I suggested that stones and recipes should be in a whole different category. We’re not there yet and not sure if that will ever come



True… maybe they need to be left out of the stats. Or divided by 100 if they are included. 100/30 = 3

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Doesn’t that depend on the usage of the stone in a recipe? Those stone % really throw things off.
If a flavor in a stone is 33% and the total stone usage is 15%, you get a 5% flavor use, so there’s no direct link to the original “recipe” %