No longer available TRADED

3 125 ML BOTTLES Nude Armor 100 mg Nicotine in 100% PG for trade or sale.
Will trade for 300 ml Nicotine river 100 mg Nicotine in 100% VG. or $45.00 including shipping.

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Do you just want VG based, or is something wrong with it?

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If I get over about 20 to 25% PG It just tears my chest up. I’m over sensitive to it. So I want/need to use the VG Based. that’s why I’m willing to trade for a lesser amount that costs less I really like the Nicotine River VG based nic.

Ok. This is what I have to trade… Let me know if you are ok with it or not. If so, I can FedEx it to you tomorrow…

All from Nicotine River, kept in my freezer
4ea 60ml bottles 100mg VG base nic
1 ea 60ml bottle 36mg VG base nic

That’s 300ml, but 60 of it is only 36mg.

Oh… I should add that none of these bottles have ever been opened.

you could ship in a padded envelope (or Tyvek or mylar) if you use the FOMO method for like 2.50 (First Class USPS) (with envelope $3) It’s actually stronger than a box. I do it all the time , no breakage.

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This has been traded please close

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FOMO is MOFO…I , too, use this method.
It also helps get rid of all the damn vapemail boxes…albeit not fast enough.