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No longer DIY'ing selling stash as a lot TFA/FA/CAP/FW/INW/Flav and more

Over 150 flavors from different vendors sizes are from 10ml to 4oz. My best guess on the cost new for all flavoring listed is about $525. Selling as a lot only to highest bidder. I do not want to separate.

Here is a link to the list of flavors and vendors:
Flavor List

Here is a picture of the juices:

Please PM me with a fair and reasonable offer or if you have any questions.



Ill take a few, Quince, Fa fuji, bergamont, peach, both jungle flavors, tfa blue rasberry, grape juice, cap vanilla custrad, INW milk chocolate and grapes

It’s sad to see somebody leave us… :cry:



I’m sorry I forgot to add in the post that I’m only interested in selling the entire lot only. My apologies.


How much do you want for the lot ?

Just PM me with a reasonable offer. I believe the value is around $525 new.

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If you dont mind me asking, why cant you DIY anymore. ?

My offer woudnt be reasonable because i only need a few of your flavors. Im sure someone on the forum, esp a newbie will take them off of your hands.


You’ll might have a better chance of unloading those if you piece them out.


I don’t mind at all. The main reason is that I invested into a vape shop earlier in the year and with the amount of samples and discounted juice I have access to it just isn’t as worth it to DIY as before. The reason for selling the flavoring is I want to re-purpose a room that I made juice in.


I’m sure I would but I dont want to deal with the shipping to so many different people.


Have to comment after reading the List. That is a well rounded Stash for any Newbie looking to buy in. Looks like my own (+/-) so I’m not interested, but best of luck getting some interest. Advice? Ship Priority so it doesn’t go by truck …one day on a jet is much safer than two weeks on a buncha trucks in the summertime for all that volatile liquid. GL!


Makes a lot more sense now… :+1:

Sell it in the vape shop you invested in.


how old are these flavors, i mean, did you buy them last year, the year before?? i don’t think you can consider the retail price as a factor in selling these, as they are not sealed and invoiced and maybe some flavors are old.


woops put under wrong reply

great idea, OZO, the vape shops around here have a menu of what flavor you want for 9 for 30 ml, 6 for 12ml , they mix it in the back as you wait, and that;s over $5-9 a pop in profits ( ps never really liked their stuff but was affordable compared to the famous brands ) other vape shops have the stuff ready so what you see is what you get, no waiting, they use generic style labels and plastic bottles for their own house blends

$10/30ml…….I wouldn’t pay that, just out of principal.
I easily vape 30ml/day.
I don’t mix much for him anymore [my neighbors shop],
usually only new recipes, but he sells 100ml for $10-$18
depending on ingredients. Custom one-of-a-kind can be
much more $$$, but simple clones and average flavors
are $12/100ml


thats a good deal, boy the vape shops around here make a killing, one in particular i liked their peanut butter, they have , basically 1 flavor mixes, and they charge 10 bucks for 30 ml for single flavor mixes, they only have a stock , not mixing ability onsite, so if they run out of 3mg in peanut butter, i had a choice btwn 6, 12 or 0. glad im doing diy


I would choose 0mg and add in my 3% nic …