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No More DIY in Indiana


If you do not sell juice it would require them seeing you make it, i dont believe probable cause can be just owning/purchasing the ingredients. The worst part is that more tax payer money will be spent when this goes to court.

I go to Indiana, Shipshewana, many times per year as a mini vacation. This will now come to an end, so sad as i love those Amish folks.


Might as well hunker down and brush up on your horticultural skills. At the rate things are going it will be easier and likely more legal to farm mary jane than to make your own e-liquid. Puff puff pass.


I am an Indiana vaper and for the record we are called Hoosiers lolol. The bill doesn’t address diy for personal use. As long as you are not selling, bartering, or trading it it has not been made illegal. Yet. We are a long way from being out of the woods here but for NOW diy for personal use is NOT illegal.


Vickie… I would like to know where you are getting your information, Reading that bill… DIY COULD very well be illegal.
Sec. 15."Manufacturer"means a person or cooperative,located inside or outside Indiana, that is engaged in manufacturing e-liquid.
Sec. 16. “Manufacturing” means the process by which an e-liquid is mixed, bottled, packaged, and stored.

Do you have some updated bill or something?


Manufacturing means the manufacturing of ejuice for sale. Diy hasn’t been addressed yet. Its ok if you make it for your own personal use. If you give or sell it to your neighbor, its not. And I got my info from friends in CAASA who helped amend the original bill which was much much worse to start.


Vickie… I just don’t want anyone to be ill-informed… The bill clearly defines ‘Manufacturing’:

“Manufacturing” means the process by which an e-liquid is mixed, bottled, packaged, and stored.

It doesn’t say ANYTHING about selling it in their definition.


Perhaps contacting CAASA directly to find out where the true and lawful “line in the sand” is drawn on this issue would be a good thing (i.e. Manufacturing).


I did, Jimk. We are having the conversation. I’ll keep you updated, or you can see it on Facebook:


Heading out to the theatre now, but I can’t wait to spend time reading this and getting informed!


For those that don’t want one more tab open, this is a response from CAASA:

CASAA.org - The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association
By “DIY” they mean liquids mixed and packaged in-house by the shop owner or someone selling out of their home (unless they meet all if the licensing requirements, which is unlikely.) There is nothing in the law that stops people from DIYing for their own personal use. The law only applies to liquid being sold or given away.

So, it’s good news bad news, in essence. At least there won’t be issues with private DIY in ones own home for personal use.


Very troublesome… Government overreach no doubt.


Yup! I don’t agree with it one iota!


So will the flavoring companies stop shipping flavors to us because of this bill?


I would specifically be more worried about vendors shipping to IN. I doubt they would ever raid a personal home for suspicion of DIY. But purchasing stock might be a bit more difficult. This is interesting


Can we get some sort of update on this topic? As someone living in Indiana this is a very important topic to me, and I am having trouble finding the information for myself :frowning: I cannot find any recent legislature on this topic and after the investigations by the FBI into the original law they have taken down all the old info that was posted… Please help!! I just wanna be able to live by the letter of the law, or at least advocate for what I believe in as an informed citizen.


Maybe you can find something useful in these articles:



Thank you that does help a bunch. Also it sucks really bad :frowning:


That’s so cute :slight_smile:

Some day I will have a warehouse full of Lambos, Ferraris and Mclarens, all filled with super models and Jelly Bellys :smirk:


you mean super models with jelly bellies right?


I know this isn’t a recent post, but I live in Indiana and have never had ANY trouble getting my nic, flavorings, or pg/vg. I’ve DIY’d for 6 years and don’t even pay attention to their stupid regs.There are ways around everything. I don’t think any of the companies I order from have the word vape in the title, and it doesn’t say it on the package. Just use a little common sense and caution and you won’t have any trouble.