No more nicotine pods? NJ vape shops react

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I find it very hard to believe that 74pct of kids have used a juul … The survey must have been " out of 1000 kids that have used juul " … I guess this answers weather or not pods are the future of vaping , its a real shame how the vaping industry is being attacked.


Yeah it is a shame. I just don’t understand why people have such hatred and lies against this industry. It was invented to help a guys father to quit smoking. And now everyone always seems to attack it. Even most smokers look down on vaping. Like it’s beneath them.


In the last year (and I live across the street from a school) I have only seen 3 kids using a vape product and one of those was a tank and mod. I asked him about it and he said his dad got it for him so he’d quit smoking. How come I can’t see the other 3/4 of the students using one?


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To answer your question you actually do not need nicotine to vape. Technically all you need is VG but that isn’t really enjoyable to most people.


Many members here started vaping to quit smoking. Thru easily lowering the nicotine they found it easy to reach 0 nic but continued to vape for the love of the experience.


Exactly. I started to vape to quit smokes and got down to 3mg in like 18 months after being a pack to 2 packs a day smoker. I have never felt better in almost 20 uears.

My next goal is to cut the nic totally but I don’t know when that’s going to be


I was a chain smoker (roll ups) and used to smoke sat at my PC and would have one on the go nearly all the time. Started at 24mg (the highest available at the time, but I think 18 is the highest now what with the EU TPD) when I switched over (mainly tobaccos, interspersed with actual cigs) then switched to 18 when I moved from a aspire cig-a-like to an espire tank (and dropped all the tobaccos, and the real cigs (1)) and slowly over time reduced to about 6-8mg.

Got a better tank, found this website, reduced to 3mg, and started making my own… over time I reduced to 2.5, 2, 1.5, 1.25, 1, .6 and am currently on .4.

One of the great advantages of making your own is that you can use any mg you want where as shop made tend to only have a few stages 24/18/8(sometimes)/6/3 and 0. I’d say that at about 1.25-1mg you’re really more about the thought of the nic and not so much about the real addiction. Using tiny steps to reduce I’ve never really reached the point where I needed to up the amount of vapeing to counter an increased craving due to reduced nic and my quantity of vape has remained fairly consistent (I kinda chain vape).

Another advantage of making my own is that it has given me something to do, and the same with the vapeing which gives my hands something to do(2)… from changing the coils, to removing the top to fill it up, to having something in my hands and moving something from the desk to my mouth. In the last few months I’ve started using a couple of voopoo rimfires and making my own coils (well wrapping them at least), which again is something to fiddle with and keep me, and my hands, occupied.

I’ll probably drop the nic down in .1 stages now, so from .4 to .3 - .2 - .1 but lets be honest… at those quantities the amounts are negligible (.4mg @ 75mg nic base = 2.6ml in 500ml (.53%) of PV/VG base). Even using an electric mixer, at those quantities the chances are high that the nic is not evenly distributed throughout the mix. But I know that dropping that last .1 is going to be a bugger. Its the thought more than anything else.

I’m trying to think when I started this journey (from when I started to give up cigs) and I think its somewhere between 2012 and 2014 ish (based on my eldest grandkids age and a bit on top…) so its been a long journey. That said, its been worth it. Nothing else got me off the cigs permanently, as I always went back to them in the end. I feel better, my sense of taste has improved, I and my flat don’t stink of stale smoke anymore, and my lung capacity is much improved (I can now walk much further without feeling out of breath) and I’m guessing so has my heart as it no longer has to do as much work countering the low lung capacity (I no longer get the pounding/thumping feeling walking up the fairly steep hill/road into the town centre).

Anyways… that was a way longer post than I intended, lol.

TL:DR take your time, and you wont even really notice the reduction in nic.

(1) I think I reached the point where having tobacco flavours was causing me to still want cigs occasionally, because while sort of ciggy tasting they never quite had the same taste.
(2) I had tried the patches, and also some little plastic cig things (like a pipe mouthpiece) that you insert a cart that has a nic impregnated cotton and menthol (not a vape) and then just suck and some other methods, but nothing really replaced the whole rolling and then desk to mouth arm movements that I had been doing for years (and could probably have done in my sleep). It’s not just the addiction, but also the conditioned actions and responses and habits that either need breaking or need replacing.


Yeah I did that too when I started vaping. Mainly fruits and custards now.

I tried everything I knew existed including chantix to quit. The only thing that worked after I moved from a cigalike was tank and mod vaping


I couldn’t easily find a link to an actual peer reviewed research, but it’s out there. Worth a look around. Nicotine has, for a long time, been vilified due to the anti smoking agenda. It’s a tough link to shake, but there needs to be more work done to distinguish the fairly benign nicotine from its most common and deadly form of delivery, the cigarette.


That was the article I read a while ago couldn’t find it when I posted about nic being like caffeine. Thanks for linking it