No one talking about Vape-Forward mods?

I received the Classic last week and not sure what is normal for the board they’re using…i have no prior experience with Joyetech. if i let the mod sit for only about 10 minutes when i go to vape (kanthal wattage mode) i have to press fire button then wait (for what seems like) a couple seconds for it to register the battery & level before i can then get a vape.
curious if others are experiencing the same thing? because i seem to be very spoiled by my dna200 this is a little bit annoying!

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I have looked at them but do not have one. It sounds like it has a sleep mode kicking in but not sure. I do have the rx200 and the VTC mini and neither one does what you are talking about

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The DNA200’s also take a while to activate, after they’ve been in sleep mode - but they stay awake way longer than other mods, so you rarely notice it… Next time you leave it alone for a few hours, notice how it “boots up from scratch” the first time…


thanks for your reply. it is acting a bit strange from what i would expect a time out function to do. seems like it is doing so at inconsistent time frames. hopefully as others receiving these mods might check in here. or possibly i need to give VF a call after i confirm and document these time out sessions…

thanks daath…yes dna boot time does as i’ve set it…just not every 10 or 5 or 30 minutes. not having really paid close attention yet it just doesn’t seem right. need more time with VF to find a pattern to know if it’s doing as it should…or if it’s an issue thing! will do some documented timed testing tomorrow before i make any phone calls!

I’ve had a few mods that had the delay - It didn’t bother me after a while, I just activated it before starting to take a drag :slightly_smiling:

oh yes…same here…and don’t have any issue with the normal delay on many mods.
this is weird tho…when the power button is first pressed…then released…watch the mod battery indicator show empty battery for a couple seconds…then battery registers…Then…can press power again to take a toot… seems like a sleep mode…but weird part is so far it has not been a consistent set time like a typical sleep/wake mode thing…

testing it thoroughly today. mod sat overnight…12 hours not touched until now. picked it up and on first press of power button…it fired immediately…no delay!

Is this delay on the DNA200 a true delay, or is it that you’re waiting for the screen to appear showing watts, etc? I have 2 welcome screens on mine with a total display time of around 10 seconds. So when my mod has sat long enough to hibernate, upon pushing the fire button I will see these screens display for that 10 second period before the main screen. But that doesn’t mean it’s not working. It’s still firing from the first second I hit it. I’ve not found any delay at any point when I pick up my mod and hit the fire button.

I get at least a second or two delay before it starts firing - that’s both on the Vt200 and the Reuleaux… But during normal days it hardly ever hibernates :slightly_smiling:

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you are correct…no delay on my DNA…just the normal start screen time i set in escribe and only get that after sitting idle for about an hour or so. nothing wrong with my DNA!!

it is the vape-forward flask classic i'm having a little issue with. after a few hours of testing today it is definitely not normal. not a normal sleep/wake cycle...or typical second or so delay for wire to heat...
essentially it is an inconsistent unresponsive battery type thing that i'm calling a 'delay'..because it takes a few seconds for the battery indicator to show battery level and allow mod to actually fire...i have to press the fire button..let go..then press a second time or it won't fire at all. (when the delay thing happens. when it doesn't, it fires right away or maybe a split second after on first press)

first vape of today it fired right up after sitting untouched and idle for 12 hrs...then i am getting an unresponsive delay sometimes after 5 minutes of idle time..then 20 minutes of idle...then 7 minutes of idle...then sometimes works fine with no delay after 30 minutes idle. hope this makes sense... 

i just called VF and they are working out an exchange...

My snow wolf will do that. But it’s like one second delay. I was told that is normal. My RX200 don’t do that, and my dna200 I’m spoiled with for sure.Wish I could help you with that. sorry

thank you for the info and trying! being that it was just released i know not very many have one yet…tho i was still hoping to find someone out there with one! if it was the typical delay some mods have i could live with that…but kind of jumped right to the forum too quickly before taking the time to discover it isn’t happening consistently. so because of that i gather it needs to be fixed or exchanged…no biggie…their customer support was very accommodating.

i appreciate everyones responses :slight_smile:

I got my black VF Lite yesterday and I had the same experience. In VW mode after 5 min or so I had to wake the device with a fire button click then click again to fire. I only used VW mode for awhile while preparing my temp control build. In temp control with NI200 it doesn’t happen whatsoever.

There’s also a firmware update available for the VF Lite. Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page. There’s a link to the update software which contains the update files for the VF Classic, VF Lite, VF Stout, Reuleaux RX200 and Presa TC75 devices.

hmmm…i forgot to mention i have only been using vw so far. thank you for replying…i wonder if you will find the same inconsistencies with the time frames…

may be a dumb question…but when you put your battery in was your mod automatically ON? mine is…and none of my other devices are like that.

also…thank you for the ‘update’ info :slight_smile:

When I insert my battery and close the door, the device immediately powers on, so I’m guessing that’s the default behavior.

ok good to know! thanks

follow up for anyone reading this…VF replaced my Classic…and all is good now! working as it should…

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I know my snow wolf 200 does the same thing. Its like push the fire button before you even put it your mouth. Its a little frustrating. But i got use to it. I don’t use it all that much anyway. Like the dna fires right now

the problem was sort of similar to that delay thing. the real problem was battery was not consistently registering during fire press. when i looked closer at the one i sent back…the ribbon was double twisted over itself…not coming out of the hole flat. in turn causing battery to not fit in all the way…possibly causing connections issue. but don’t know for sure. just glad customer service was awesome and easy!