Noisy cricket ii-25 review!

Hello all!
I would usually post a video YouTube with my thoughts on new hardware, but I have an upper respiratory infection and can hardly talk.
Now, I had a love hate relationship with the original cricket (read: hand grenade) but, it served me well, and minus one mishap (my fault) never had any issues with the original; other than the damn sticky button.

But I digress.

Cricket II-25.


Almost identical to the original package.
This model actually included a (very unhelpful) instruction manual!

This mod came in from
I purchased this mod myself and am reviewing it of my own volition.

This mod is very sleak. It fits nicely in the hand (insert obligatory Trump joke here)
It’s also quiet weighty, 250 grams with batteries.
The rx200s is only a hundred grams more with batteries.

The firing button is fantastic.

Clicky with only a small bit of throw.
It’s a tad spongy, but not so much that its annoying.

The Light in the firing button indicates what mode the mod is currently operating in.

The orange as seen above is VV series mode.

The voltage regulation dial (will be covered later) can set the voltage between 2.4 and 6 volts.
A far cry from the original crickets 7.4 nominal voltage.
Much easier to build on however, the reliance on exact coil specifications is almost moot.

This mod is however able to fire full unregulated.
Simply turn the mod off, then hold the fire button for 10 seconds.
The color of the light will change to white.

Allowing for cloud bro clouds all day.
Well, actually for about a half an hour as you’re probably going to be hitting about 120 watts unregulated in series mode.

The mod is called the II25 due to it being able to accommodate a 25mm rda without over hang.

Pictured with the matching Neutron RDA.

Looking good with a 528 customs SS goon.

The Pharoah by DigiFlavor looks good on her too.

Your 22mm RDAs and tanks will fit just fine too.

Old school indestructible, the original crickets friend.

Tsunami 22.

You probably get the point. Most of your RDAs will look fabulous on this device.

Unlike the original cricket which looked idiotic with a 24mm rda.

Look how shit that looks!

Now. Switching between modes.

The battery door hold the secret to changing between series and parallel.
The battery door is also one of my biggest complaints with this mod.
We’ll get to that shortly.

Now, you have to push down and right to get the battery door off, down and left to put it on.
It’s an absolute BITCH to put on or take off.

See the “s”? That means it’s in series.
Simply take out the battery rocker

Flip it over.

Now it’s in parallel mode.
You DO NOT change battery direction when changing between modes.
Both batteries go in positive up like a parallel mod.

See the dots? It changes the circuit based on contact points with the battery rocker.

You’ll also see plastic tubes in the battery slots.

These are for added short protection.

Now, remember that the door is an absolute bitch.
You’ll have to press quite hard to shut the door.

Next is the VV adjustment dial.

It’s rough to turn. You need very sharp fingernails to pinch it

Or use a screwdriver or something along those lines to turn it.

Overall, it’s a solid device for people looking for a more versatile unregulated mod/pure VV mod.
It’s able to turn off with the standard 5 clicks of the fire button and had a 10 second auto turnoff when firing.
You won’t get the same raw power as the original cricket, but you also won’t have as many potential problems and hazards with this II-25.

it has a couple “quirks” that most jaybo designs do, I’m looking at you battery door, you piece of shit.
But is a very solid and comfortable mod.

4 out of 5.
The battery door and VV dial are holding this mod back from being a truly wonderful piece of kit.

That being said,
For its price and versatility it is unmatched in value.


Thank you for the detailed review.Your review answered every question that I had.I too like the original and still use them at times.

The original was a great, albeit flawed piece of kit.
I still use mine from time to time.

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Nice review, very informative, I was sent one for review few weeks back but it went mad after 8 hours lol, now I can use it for a day but then the same things happen and I have to leave it on the radiator for a day and then it works again, I think it has a slight moisture issue, either that or I just have a bad one. My original broke in the usual place, the button, still great mods when they work though.

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How strange.


Did you message wismec?

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I did, werent interested, because I got it from Gearbest for a review, Gearbest just sent me something else to review instead, and I said I wouldn’t review it. when it works I love it and I didn’t want to give it a bad review on the basis of one bad unit u know, it happens.

Nice review! How long do the batteries last in the VV mode for you?

They’ll last about an hour heavily vaping at a full 6 volts…
Vapenfagen showed that its about 5.5 to 5.7 volts in VV.
I’m also using Sony vtc4 batteries in it.
If you don’t engage full unregulated mode, you could in theory build down to 0.3 ohms while using 3000 mah 20 amp batteries like the LG hg2 and still be completely safe.

Oh that sucks pugs.

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Actually, using a series mech mod is a great way to achieve very long runtime - compared to other mech solutions. That’s assuming you build accordingly, i.e. don’t vape above 70W or so. I build my Goblin mini v2 for that purpose with 28g Kanthal, many wraps, at around 30-40W. Two VTC4s last at least a day, exclusively. The reason behind this is that the decrease in vaping time you get out of any battery when increasing Amps is not linear - that means, the higher you go in Amps the faster your runtime decreases. For instance, you get more than double the runtime at 5A compared to 10A.


Thanks for the info SynysterVapes. Mine comes today and I also got a set of Sony vtc5a’s to pair with it.

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I don’t think the original Noisy Cricket was an “albeit flawed” mod. If the user had a clue as to what they were doing, and exercised a modicum of basic maintenance, it was (is) a basic and bulletproof series device. And I never had an issue with the “damned sticky button”. It would take a lot of abuse and neglect like overtightening or failing to ever clean that button to make it “stick”. I still have my original NC that was purchased probably 3 or more years ago, and although it looks like a beater now, still functions perfectly. Since then I grabbed 2 more when they were on sale for 5 bucks (8 with shipping), which was a total steal, but have yet to bust open a box because the original two I use are still running fine. Although I have many fancy mods to use now, still go back to the NC and a Petri V2 dripper running kanthal/nichrome aliens 'cause it’s just a stellar vape. Nice review of the “improved” NCII, think I’ll take a pass on that one, but man I get tired of hearing these false truisms about the original…

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OG noisey cricket came out less than a year ago.
Vape years do feel like 3 tho

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I’m having the same thoughts, @Johan. The Cricket requires you to be informed about what batteries in series do and rethink your builds. I thoroughly enjoyed that! And it’s really sturdy if you take a little care, like you said.

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Oops, my bad. Quite right, should have said 1 yr not 3, not sure where that came from. :flushed: Only excuse I can come up with is I was talking earlier about total years off cigs and vaping…

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You may want to think about how you say things to avoid coming off as a dick.

Also! thank you for insulting my intelligence.
I meticulous cleaned mine (I actually own two)
And the button was still an issue.
I “had a clue” what I was doing.
I’m happy you “never had an issue” with the button.

You get tired of “False truisms” and I get tired of elitist attitudes due to having a different opinion.

The original was a very flawed device.
The low quality spring on the button.
The button contacts (majorly fixed in the 1.5)
The low quality rocker arm contact in the bottom.

Thank you for your input, please next time don’t insult my intelligence or assume I didn’t do my due diligence before posting.

Leave the attitudes for elsewhere.



I also know what I’m doing… and the Crickets firing button was a dangerous piece of crap.

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I believe it wasn’t his - and certainly not my - intent to insult you personally. It’s just frustrating how many vapers don’t even try to get to know their equipment a little before passing judgement on it - excluding you and anyone I know of on this forum. The cricket sure has its flaws, like any mod, I didn’t find them to be any problem, though.

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