Noisy crown

my crown tank is noisy…
some of you guys out there have answers and solutions to almost anything and everything and i have the utmost respect to/for that…so i figured one of yous has a solution to this…
for instance, my triton is almost completely silent…thats how i want my crown to be
it makes this hissing/whistle sound no matter where i put the airflow…
it may seem petty, but it bugs the shit outta me…
any ideas?
please and 10-Q

are you using the stock coils or RBA head?

stock coil…just got the RBA in the mail yesterday, havent built on it yet

From my experience with the .25 coils they are in fact very airy because the air intake shoots directly into the coil (cotton on the outer parts of the coil). I didnt care for them because of that airy factor.

I much prefer the RBA deck with 316L SS wire. Its heaven and not as airy.

well, i will get on that today…did you use the coil they sent with the RBA or did you make your own? i also got my two rolls of 316L in the mail yesterday…
so i’m listening(reading) closely

I most certainly did. Just be careful and dont make the noob mistake I made by dry firing at very high watts. Mine melted.

most certainly did what? make your own?
what do you recommend? i have 24 and 26 gauge…how many wraps? what size?

i also read on one of these topics where some people were expanding the juice channels on this rba

I used the stock coil provided until it melted. I now use 26g 316L SS wire. 7 wraps on 2.4mm bit.

I have not expanded the channels whatsoever.

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Heres a good tutorial on the RBA deck

looks like pro vapes used loose wraps on his build…what did you use? loose or tight wraps?

My application I used tight. I’m in it for the densest possible vape. I dont get that with spaced wraps.

is is a crackle or the air swoosh???

I drilled our the juice holes I posted pic on the crown thread…and spaced wraps…

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What bit did you use?

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I used a needle file on my drill it’s around 3mm the file just keeps it smooth w no burs