Nomz Waffle recipe testers needed!

Hello fellas!
Been working the last two weeks on a dessert style waffle recipe consisting of Nomz SC Waffle (Chefs) as the base with a layer of jam, i’m quite happy with the percentages however i feel like my recipe is missing a good top note to bring it all together perhaps something like a powdered sugar alternatively whipped cream perhaps?

Would really love it if someone could mix it up and share their thoughts as i don’t want to release recipes that are just “meh”.

Link to recipe: Check cookies


Is there a reason why you are using bb jam by Capella? I checked and I don’t think I have it. I’m putting an order into bcf today, I’ll add it to my list. You’re the person who I spoke with on Discord?


I just used the bb jam together with rasp jam to make a more defined jam layer. I’m from Sweden and here we have a jam type called " Queens jam " which is basically blueberry & raspberry jam which is commonly used on waffles.
I’m sure alternatives would work, i just preffered them together over using one or the other.
If we decide to add another flavour layer such as whipped cream or powdered sugar then it might work better to just use one of them.


Just looking at the recipe I’d have to say I’d try FA Whipped Cream, be cause it does tend to stay separate and shouldn’t get lost under the Jam layer. I feel like the powdered sugar would likely get smothered by the two jams. Also I haven’t tried Nomz or Chefs Waffle but anytime I’ve done a waffle I always add like 1% of Cap Vanilla Custard for its egginess and to help build body. Just a thought! If you end up feeling like the your waffle needs some body.


When im looking for a top note of powdered sugar / frosting note my go to is adding like 1 percent EM with a custard


@Svensken welcome to ELR. I remember when I tested Chefs Waffle, it was quite good, and a “blank canvas” at that. No overt butter or syrup, but could easily be pushed or pulled into any type of waffle you wanted.

Are you set on just a top note, or does it need to a “binder” to pull it together more ?

@McDuckie mentioned CAP VC, and I’ve used FW Bavarian Cream a lot to bind and thicken up quite a bit.


Welcome and glad you joined.


First off, thanks a bunch for the tips!

I have tons of different creams/whipped creams however none from FA, i might have to pick one up if it acts the way you described it to, sounds like a must-have for sure! The ones i have tested so far acts in the direct opposite way, they tend to " melt together " rather than being a separate layer.

And you might just be right regarding the powdered sugar, i haven’t tested it yet but the more i think about what you wrote the more sense it makes to me.

As for expanding the waffle part of it really isn’t needed (according to me) as the waffle profile is so perfect already just from using Nomz Waffle. It really blowed me away the first time using it because of it.


I’m sorry, what is “EM”?
Custards are a bit tricky for me as i’m one of those diacetyl haters unfortunately.


Thank you! Happy to be here.
Yes, their waffle is honestly insanely on point. Was reading your review on it the other day and i agree with every single note you wrote about it.

So far every chefs/nomz sc flavouring i’ve tried have been surprisingly awesomesauce.

As for the other stuff you wrote in your reply, i’m unsure as to which direction to go. Would really need someone more experienced than me to mix it up and share their knowledge and opinions i think.
If we use a cream/custard then it would have to be one that is diacetyl free (and doesn’t taste like garbage). Hehe


Thank you man! Glad this place isn’t dead.


EM is ethyl maltol aka cotton candy.

Cap vanilla custard v2 is dyactyl free


@Svensken well there’s nothing wrong with testing parallel branches of a recipe. You could do two (or more), one with added custard/creams, the other with powdered sugar, or whipped cream, OR all of them.


Is the Cap Vanill Custard v2 decent? If so i’ll pick it up asap!


Definetly true! Just got a new load of bottles in the mail so the timing for that is great haha.


I like the v2, sometimes even more then v1. Depends on my mood. V2 is the main custard in vapetasia killer kustard