Non coil gunking flavours?

I’ve been reading about (and experienced some) coil-gunking flavours (chocolate and tobacco), and someone said ‘some flavours are virtually self-cleaning’

Does anyone know what these magical flavours are?

I don’t know i have herd self cleaning flavors.

I know some folks will vape pg/vg without flavoring between flavor changes. Ive never bothered to do it…but some do. But that won’t “clean” out the gunk.

The new ( Purilum ) Tobacco flavors from Nic River do not gunk up my coils :+1:

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I know that mixes that contain high VG to max. (20/80&up) lessen the amount/thickness of coil buildup.

Anythingnbeing Vaped is going to make a coil dirtier than it was before you caped it what they probably Kent was the color of there cotton probably stayed white even after vaping for a while. If you make sure not to Vape anything with sweeteners in them and or diactle and any other impurities that dirty up your coils and cotton you will get two to three times longer between coil change or cotton and coil cleaning… But as far as coil cleaning that is done with out cotton innit and dry burning your coil and rinsing with water lol.

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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Just to clarify - more VG lessens buildup?


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Thanks !! Will be checking that out for sure…

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