Non overbearing mint

Been working on a few recipes with some form of mint in them but every single one I make might as well just be called “Mint with a touch of _____”. Anyone got any suggestions for a mint flavoring thats mild?

I have not used the following but cream de mint cap. Yup spelling error. But maybe that.

go low on % and steeptime is crucial. Mints will settle over time

More or less steep time? I currently have Cool Creme De Menthe LA and Peppermint CAP and both are so strong that even at .5% its all you taste.

well peppermint Is pretty prominent. you of cause have to balance your other flavours to that. And after a good steep 1 week + the mint will settle down

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TFA peppermint is good to me. Not too strong like some of the others. TFA wintergreen is good too. TFA spearmint is crazy strong and doesn’t like a VG only mix as it will separate.

Flavorah’ spearmint is a mild mint.

You could use it at low percentage, or you could try some koolada, it’ll give you the ice in your juice without the mint flavour.

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I love Flavorah Creme de Menthe. It can be used at low percentages to achieve that mild mint flavor.

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Flavorah creme de menthe is awsome! I also really like candy cane flavorwest!

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Cucumber Mint FW is one I’ve been working with. Pleasant and juicy flavor.

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cap-cool mint