[Non-US/Canada] ELR celebrates 20,000 registered users!

This give-away is NOT valid for residents of USA and Canada.

In celebration of e-liquid-recipes.com passing 3,000 likes on facebook, and more importantly hitting 20,000 registered users - we thought you all deserved a nice give-away …or three! :smiley:

To enter, give us a link to a recipe on ELR with your favorite summer vape, and tell us why you like it! Just one entry is enough.

For the prizes, we teamed up with Chef’s Vapour - if you don’t know them, you should. They have almost all the DIY-supplies you can imagine, and great prizes!

The prizes are:

  • £50 voucher for their shop!
  • £30 voucher for their shop!
  • £20 voucher for their shop!

You can enter until Sunday, June 14th, 22:00 CEST. The winners will be published Wednesday, June 17th at 22:00 CEST.

Good luck!


I like this recipe it’s nice and juicy PeachznCreamz

http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/13235/Strawberry+Chill+%2812mg%29 love a cold drink with a menthol vape.

My new recipe for the summer. I love it. Hope other people do too :slight_smile:

My recipe for winter since i am in Brazil its winter here nights are cold day is not hot so some of orange cream winter and summer fruit mango summer fruit with strawberry cream its very nice tasting vape :smile:

It turned out that Pink Lady flavouring from Molinberry is pretty awesome on its own! Roses, hibiscus, guava and mango inside - a perfect blend for summer evenings IMHO.

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FNQ is a common abbreviation of Far North Queensland, where it’s ALWAYS Summer. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/34508/FNQ

I’m loving this one: Tropical Swirl

http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/28639/6%25+Tiger%27s+Blood Just can`t get enough of this vape

Raspberry & Lychee Lemonade finding this a really pleasant vape, on a warm summers evening, relaxing in the garden

I’m probably a horrible person to link to a recipe of my own, but Forest Jane has been my summer time go to ADV. Mystery, depth, freshness,… It’s got everything I want in a fresh ADV and it’s so easy to make.


Juicy and sweet. A fine cool eliquid to accompany a summer breeze.

Tiger’s Blood is a pretty awesome summer vape, the coconut really pops out as a fresh accent.

http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3158/Tropical+Orange Cool mango, pineapple and orange :tangerine::peach::pineapple: lovely!

I make it without cream, with Inawera mint instead of FA Spearmint, and FA Raspberry instead of Cherry. Awesome on a sunny day.

Min is one i recently made

So creammy and fresh, love the subtle hint of banana on the exhale, and the freshness of the inhale.

Creamy with nice fruit flavors


I like this one very much. It is not a strong flavour but a very light and refreshing fruitmix, ideal for the summer.

15% Blood Orange (FW) with a couple of Menthol Liquid (TPA) drops. Amazing flavor.