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So, I’ve been a part of a Music community with some DJs around the world, Grammy Nominees, some guys that record in their bedrooms and anywhere in between.

One fellow that has come to my attention, has been telling me that I’ve been calling his wife at work and threatening them with violence, claiming that I was going to follow her home and find out where they both live. So firstly, no, I did not… I thought the guy was gay because he wears masks and plays with sock puppets while he smokes copious amounts of weed and gets the giggles. I’ve trolled him, as I do with weed smokers or anything, this was almost 2 years ago. For some reason he thinks I did this recently though.

Here is how it wouldn’t be possible… My income is 72 cents, my 6 month records of outgoing calls show only phone calls to specialists, I’m a disabled guy that has to pay people to shop for me because I can’t make a trip around a grocery store most days, I have respiratory problems and avoid talking on the phone, oh and he lives about 5.5 hours away from me.

So far these rumors have gotten me banned from multiple channels without warning, ruined my follower count on my stream (which potentially earns me money) and for the most part, I’ve been getting randomly attacked by people in streams that don’t follow this one guy. This is all petty school shit, on his part and mine for giving into it - but if there is a way I can get it out that he’s fabricating this shit to make me look bad, what should I do?

I have proof that I didn’t make any phone calls to the city he lives, I have proof that he’s been in other channels getting me banned because DJs and Moderators sometime PM when something is up as they’re intuitive enough to question something like this. I need something more. I wanna make this hurt. I’m on disability and don’t earn a lot of money and I literally spent money to get this guy a current stream of viewers by gifting subscriptions because I thought he was a nice guy. WHAT CAN I DO?!


Bro thats sucks …I guess there is a downside to being the jester or i think people call it troll ( this term is used to much ) …I would just prove that you didnt call . Be the bigger person ( no pun intended) . Just prove hes full of shit and a liar that should be sufficient enough


Yeah, I gotta calm down I guess and not be so Vindictive


Its hard to get your point across while just typing …I do think if you try to hard to make the truth hurt it might make you look bad . Right now your trying to prove your the good guy . I think just proving hes full of shit will make him look like an asshole anyway


Revenge or extreme vindication if you prefer, isn’t always the best way to go. Trust me, I’ve been there. It feels great in the moment, but it can eat you up as time goes by. I can’t advise on what or how to do anything about this situation, but I will offer you this: Think about the situation. Think about what your possible actions might be. Think about the consequences for those actions. Run through different scenarious that might happen, then think if it will be worth the time and effort it would take and whether it would make a difference or not. Whatever you decide, I hope you findsome peace with it when all is said and done.


With all due respect, I read the original post a bit strangely or maybe differently. Maybe if I knew more details I would think something else but… you stated you were trolling the person. You already were against the person because they were living a life as they wished… whether that life is playing with sock puppets or playing with themself… if it wasn’t something that effected others or was inappropriate, it sounds as if you were placing your biases against another person for no reason.
I don’t want details.
I don’t want to hear back stories.
I basically don’t care lol.
I and others here don’t know the real story of what is going on… we see your side, I am pretty sure the other person has their side. For all anyone knows the other person and his wife are having problems and your the scapegoat.
I would suggest you place a “Cease and Desist letter” against the other person and call it quits. If you are trying to allege the person has caused you financial hardship due to what they have done, it will probably cost you lawyer fees and a lot of time, effort and proof (not just saying so but actual proof that loss of income was lost).
Just saying.
Oh troll me all you wish… I grow my own and smoke daily, I have both a patient card and cultivator license.


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This reads like a take off of dumb and dumber or maybe a spoof on as the stomach turns. I would do something else for sure, like distance myself from people who act like you or them. You’ve got yourself into a pig fight in the mud. Just try not to start another one here. Nobody needs it.


DJ: Look I could really careless if you said you did or didnt gaslight call my girlfriend at work last August. If you think uttering threats to peeps is gonna get you anywhere you have another thing coming. You are the only native dude we know with a chip on his shoulder and a grudge with me especially after you were called out on twitch during an interview show that happened just days before. if you want me to stop smearing you then stop with your fucking antics dude

DJ: i will go on stream tomorrow and apologize to you

DJ: as I didn’t have 100 proof of said actions

DJ: so that is on me
DJ: I wont mention you again after tomorrow.

DJ: I promise you the smear stops now. will make sure peeps know

DJ: wasnt even a smear tbh… i just mentioned it in a chat

You are unable to whisper this user.

My Antics are sending a message to his discord and saying,
Hey man, these accusations are a pretty huge deal as it is Illegal to threaten someone and if you’re willing to provide proof that the phone call was made on which date I can provide copies of whichever date it was to prove I didn’t do it. Let’s make a case of it and find out”


He says,
“Look I could really careless if you said you did or didnt gaslight call my girlfriend at work last August. If you think uttering threats to peeps is gonna get you anywhere you have another thing coming.”
and then later says, “i will go on stream tomorrow and apologize to you” - "as I didn’t have 100 proof of said actions “so that is on me” - “I wont mention you again after tomorrow.”

He already narrowed it down, he said August. Get the employer to look up that month and find out ANY incoming calls and find out who called the place from my location, half a province away. Seems reasonable, yeah? Wish I could but he instantly blocked me, not sure why because he figured I’d say something like that and it would prove to everyone that this was all made up?

He also says, “Look I could careless if you said you did or didn’t gaslight call my gifriend”

Well if that’s the case, you already said you did it in Chat… You also said it in an Interview? So which is it? The funny thing is I have 2 people saying that you said it on your channel and there’s records of this. Furthermore, if you could “care less” about it this “Phone call”, why make mention of it recently?

Seems to me like he’s tucking his tail and running before it develops into something bigger


I used a line I’ve said in here,
“Weed is immoral and a sin, have I told you a story about Jesus Christ? Yeah, Ol’ JC used to turn water into wine and not bread into DOOBIES. So therefore alcohol is better for you in God’s Eyes”


I would have loved to see what you deleted …
I haven’t used this line before, so I guess if your so inclined you can feel privileged:
“My older brother (and I’m in my 60’s) is a pastor, he’s been using cannabis longer than I”
But this tangent has nothing to do with you basically saying you were the one being a troll lol…
I am truly remembering why I normally just lurk… too easy swiping at the low hanging fruit…

Sorry all for causing a disturbance… let me see what kinda trouble I can cause in another thread… :stuck_out_tongue: