Nonna's red cake

Got some Nonna’s red cake on the way. Pre mixed concentrate from FA uk. Described as Nonna cake with strawberry jam filling. Anyone tried it yet ?


To be honest this is the first I have heard of it , I do like Nonna’s Cake though.Please tell us your thoughts when you get the chance.


Nope sound delish thou ! Let’s us know. I like the sound of it :slightly_smiling_face:


What Amy2 and BoyHowdy said!!
Definitely enjoy a good ‘strawberry shortcake’ (which is what I think when I hear ‘cake and strawberry jam’)

Would be interesting if it turned out to be more like a torte though!

/curiosity peaked/

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Just gave me mixed thoughts. :slight_smile:

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Mixed 10 ml last night using 4% flavouring. It’s tasty as expected. The description on the site is "fresh baked grandmas cake with a sweet strawberry filling " To me It’s the sweet sticky top of a fresh baked sponge with a slight strawberry after taste and has that powdered sugar mouth feel. It’s probably red touch, Nonna and maybe meringue or marshmallow. I’ve also got some "metaphor"which is pretty good as well. Amy I see you made some notes on metaphor did you get any further with it ?


I reckon it’s red touch and Nonna’s mixed with meringue, as you suggest. Sounds like it at least.

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I have some Metaphor batches steeping so far it’s really good ! Very powdery sugar bready yeasty cake with a vanilla icing like sweetness, I haven’t vaped the SA again since writting the notes I should go back to it, but to me it reminds me of Pandoro but not FA’s original flavor that was horrid.


I’ve left some steeping. It almost has a hint of bergamot. Something citrusy in there. Jury is out at the moment.

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I have not had any luck with Nonna cake,everyone seems to like it but me…any suggestions on a recipe ?

I haven’t tried anyone else’s recipes, but I have a few of my own. Here’s my fave using Nonnas. Good thing is it’s open to a lot of variations.

Punchbowl Cake (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (LA) 1.5
Cream Fresh (FA) 2
Marshmallow (TPA) 2
Nonna's Cake (FA) 2.5
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 5
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 3

Flavor total: 16%

Remember to rate it at!
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I ran out of marshmallow but after I get some in I’ll give this a shot.

I can’t figure it out either just named it as a citrus but really it’s hard to really know…cardamom some sort of savoriness as well with the citrus Bergamot makes the most sense.

I did a ton of new FA mixes today hope hope !!