Noob question about mixing Nicotine

Hi all
First time DIYing and can’t believe a site like this exists which has everything I could ever ask for so thank you to all for this

Onto my question

So I bought a bottle of 72mg 100 VG and 72mg 100 PG and one of the recipes I want to make says to use “Nicotine juice 100 mg (50/50 PG/VG)”

Do (or can) I mix my 2 bottles to make 50/50 vg PG or do I need to buy a pre mixed bottle

I see how I have to click Adapt this recipe and change the Nicotine strength to 72mg and as a result it says 0.8ml nic at 50/50.

So do I add 0.4ml of each Nicotine

Hope this wasn’t too confusing lol

Can you post a link to your recipe so we can have a look at it?

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Yes, you can add 1/2 of each to reach 0.8ml or premix the two and have 72mg 50/50.

If you are not adding any additional PG and you feel that your mixes are too thick or do not have enough throat hit you can use more of the PG Nic and less of the VG Nic.


The recipe you’re looking at has the amount used by the creator of that recipe. The nic they used just happened to be 100mg 50/50. When you go into adapt this recipe you input the desired strength you want to make 1.5mg 3mg 6mg etc… Then further down where it say nicotine strength you put in 72mg, which is what you have. Then for PG content of nicotine you put in 100 (if you use your pg nic). If you decide to use your VG nic you put 100 in for VG content of nicotine.


I was just worried if I didn’t follow the recipe the author (?) made I wouldnt get the end result they made

So if I guess I’m wondering does changing the Nicotine affect the overall flavour cause yeh id prefer to just use vg nic

But if I wanted to follow the exact “rules” of the ingredients I could mix my 2 Nicotines as @louiesquared said

@Duneatick yup I’ll post the recipe now

Mother’s Unicorn Milk
Gravatar - by apwroblewski, Mar 20. 2015, 12:41

Ingredientml Grams%
Nicotine juice 100 mg (50/50 PG/VG)0.9 1.033
PG dilutant6.75 722.5
VG dilutant14.55 18.3548.5
Total base22.2 26.3874
Bavarian Cream (TPA)1.21.24
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA)1.51.55
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)3310
Sweet Cream (TPA)1.21.24
Vanilla Custard (TPA)0.90.93
Totals30 34.18100

Strength: 3 mg
PG/VG-ratio: 50/50
Flavor total: 7.8 ml / 7.8g (26%)
Price: 0.00

I wouldn’t think it makes any difference unless you’re intolerant to pg or you want to make a high vg juice. Someone with more experience could chime in here but if I was you I would just use whatever nic you wanted to.


That’s great news, I ordered everything I needed and am just waiting on my vg base to arrive, as soon as it does I’ll make up my first batch

Thanks so much for the replies all

PG/VG ratio can have an affect on flavor but I find this is not as much of an issue if you let the juice steep properly.

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Not a bother. Good luck with it :thumbsup:

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I agree with DrChud, I don’t think it would matter if the nic is pg or vg based. The amount of pg or vg you would add adjusts accordingly so the final result of the juice would still be 50/50 pg/vg with a nic strength of 3mg. When you click on Adapt recipe to change the strength, also change the pg or vg content to what you are using.


I agree the calculator will calculate the VG / PG quantities to give a final 50/50 mix

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PG is a better carrier of flavor than VG. Whereas VG is better at creating more vapor. So your juice being a 70/30 vs 90/10 will vary in flavor and amount of vapor. Make recipes at the ratio you prefer.